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I'm an embedded systems computer engineer currently living in Kongsberg (but hailing from Kristiansund), Norway. My wikilife began a little after 2 AM on 18 August 2003, when I started contributing to WKP [1] (and soon thereafter contracted a mild to intermediate (?) form of wikipediholism, which, a year and a half later, resulted in my promotion to adminship).

Being of an exceedingly leptosomatic physical build, and having had far too many hobbies and interests during my childhood and youth to care much for doing sports myself (as opposed to watching them), I have really excelled in only one sport: dodgeball. :) However, I immensely enjoy recreational back-country skiing, in particular the combination of cross-country and "powder snow skiing" (slightly downhillish, off-piste). And mountain hiking.

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Wikipedical interests[edit]

no Denne brukeren/brukaren har norsk som morsmål.
nn-2 Denne brukaren har god kjennskap til norsk (nynorsk).
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of English.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
da-2 Denne brugers kendskab til dansk er på mellemniveau.
sv-2 Denna användare har kunskaper på mellannivå i svenska.

My encyclopaedic editing interests revolves mainly around the following:

Routine work[edit]

Besides writing/editing articles, much of my effort on Wikipedia has tended to go into maintenance:

To-do: edits/articles[edit]


My user accounts on other Wikimedia sites (besides other language editions of Wikipedia, for which see the left margin):

Edit summary codes[edit]

I use a number of abbreviations in my edit summaries. Many of the abbrevs are the standard ones, to be found in official Edit summary legend, while others are my own more or less self-devised ones (some infrequently used std abbrevs might also be listed below). Why do this? 1) for the obvious reason: it's quicker, hence no reason to drop the summary; and 2) contributors in doubt of the meanings will most probably come here to find out.


(i.e. prefixes and suffixes, marked in this table with a hyphen behind or before, respectively)

  • -d -- indicating simple past tense
  • de- -- ind'n reversion
  • -ed -- similar to "-d"
  • -fn -- "-(i)fication" (cf. the code "fn")
  • -'ly -- ind'n adverbfn
  • -n -- "-sion"/"-tion" (notice the absence of an apostrophe, cf. "-'n")
  • -'n -- "-ing" (i.e., ind'n progressive tense) (notice the apostr)
  • non- -- set membership negation
  • re- -- ind'n repetition (cf. codes "re:" and "#re-")
  • -s -- ind'n plural form
  • sub- -- ind'n hierarchy level -= 1; cascadable
  • un- -- negation/reversion, dep on ctxt


(used more or less consistently by me today, and eventually, hopefully, by more wikipedians)

# (symbols)[edit]

  • § -- paragraph (same as pgph)
  • ¶ -- paragraph (same as pgph)
  • #re -- #redirect
  • \n -- newline


  • ab -- about
  • adn -- addition
  • apostr -- apostrophe
  • artl -- article


  • bp#re -- bypass #redirect (same as de#re)
  • btm -- bottom (of artl, page, etc)
  • byp#red -- same as bp#re


  • c12n -- capitalization (of first letter in words; cf. "ucase")
  • cat -- category/ize
  • char -- character
  • chg -- change
  • chrono- -- chronological (of reo or sorting)
  • clfn -- clarification
  • clfy -- clarify
  • clmn -- column
  • cm -- comment
  • cmb -- combine
  • corr -- correct(ion)
  • cpn -- caption (of imgs)
  • ctxt -- context
  • cyc -- cyclical


  • dab -- disambiguate
  • delim -- delimiter
  • dep -- depending/depends
  • dup -- duplicate


  • elab -- elaborate (verb or noun, dep on ctxt)
  • estb -- establish(ed)


  • func -- function
  • fn -- same as "func", used where unambiguous


  • no entries


  • hdg -- heading
  • hrz -- horizontal


  • idx -- index
  • indt(n) -- indent(ation)


  • no entries


  • no entries


  • lcase -- lowercaseify all letters of a word (cf. "ucase")
  • ln -- line


  • mdl -- middle ("in the mdl of sth...")
  • mnr -- minor
  • mv -- move



  • no entries


  • prcn -- preciseification
  • plcmt -- placement (of imgs etc)
  • pgph -- paragraph (same as §)


  • no entries


  • rdun -- redundant
  • re: -- regarding
  • #re, #red -- #redirect (but cf. the prefix "re-")
  • refac -- refactor(ization) (splitting and/or cmb'n pgrphs)
  • reo -- reorganiz(e/ation) (e.g., changing the plcmt of lns/items)
  • resp. -- respectively
  • rm -- remove
  • rvsn -- reversion


  • sec -- section
  • sep -- separate (verb or noun, dep on ctxt)
  • spc -- space
  • src -- wkp article source text
  • sth -- "something"



  • ucase -- uppercaseify all letters of a word (cf. "c12n")
  • upd -- update (of lks after mvs, for example)


  • vrt -- vertical


  • wfn -- wikification
  • wfy -- wikify, i.e. fix fmt, lks, secs, etc
  • wkp -- wikipedia[1]
  • w -- with
  • w/o -- without


  • no entries


  • no entries


  • no entries


  1. ^ a b To an old DOS-geezer like me, "WP" will forever mean WordPerfect, of which version 4.2 for DOS was the pinnacle of word processing. Period. Hadn't it been for the sorry fact that the first Windows-version sucked—allegedly due to M$ initially supplying their competitors with a reduced version of the Windows API—I'd guess WP would still be the supreme market leader like it was in the DOS days.

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