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About Me[edit]

I play guitar and piano. I play in a band. My prize possessions are my guitar and effects pedal. I bought a Line 6 Pod XT Live guitar multieffects pedal for £300. It is the greatest thing ever.


Age: 16

Hometown: Argaty somewhere near Doune, i have not worked it out yet.

Music: Rock!! Prog rock rocks. Love the Chilis, Ozzy, ELO, Pink Floyd , Genesis, Yes, Queen (Jazz + Sheer heart attack + Queen II kick ass), Franz Ferdinand, Tenacious D rule, Pantera, Red hot Chili peppers (I like them twice because they are worth it) and many more... I also like classical music esp Beethoven, Greig, Mozart, Wagner(flight of the valkyries)and Rimsky - Korsakov (flight of the bumblebee)etc

Films: Shawshank Redemption rules (it's the only film that's better than the book but it is a close call)Airplane, Monty Python, School of Rock, Green Mile, Adam Sandler films, Carrie was good even though it was on at 12.00 on Christmas eve.

Scared Of:

  • 1.Alex Woolley
  • 2.Dead people
  • 4.Most alive people
  • 5.Myself
  • 6.Satan

Happiest when: Sleeping, It's Christmas or New year or my birthday

Music i don't like: The Prodigy, Coldplay, Most dance music Especially the ones that take classic songs and put an annoying drum beat on and a high voiced women singing with an electric voice changer thing instead of the real singer. Grrrr!