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(i) Hitting something with a stick comes naturally. Stick and ball games are recorded throughout human history

(ii) The myth of Paginica - It's a ball, not a game - Loads of Victorian crap

(iii) The Chinese - really? see (i) If it cane up the silk road to the meditteranean and then to Scotland, why no golf en-route

(iv) Medieval Europe - Lots of people hitting balls for fun

Cambuca - English game. Feather stuffed leather ball. Circa Edward III 1312.1377 Book of hours.

(v) Holland - Dutch-Scottish trade links - Dutch were hitting balls - Scots were hitting balls - Golf / Colven / Cuff - germanic roots of language - Stymie? - Shared lingo or shared game or coincidence

(vi) The famous scottish anti-golf edict - But what was Golf then - does it have any likeness to the game we know know

(v) First rules - golf as we know it?