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Survey™ Project
Original author(s) Thomas Zummbrunn
Developer(s) Survey™ Project Development team
Initial release November 6, 2009
Stable release
1.2.2. / July 14, 2010
Operating system ASP.NET / Microsoft Windows / SQL Server
Available in 10 Languages & Dialects
Type Web Application Framework
License GNU General Public License (GPLv3)

Survey™ Project[edit]

The Survey™ project is a restart of the former open source nSurvey project that initially developed the Nsurvey webapplication and surveytool. Survey™ (formerly known as NSurvey) is a free open source online survey and form engine web application written in C# .NET based on a MSSQL database. It enables users without coding knowledge to develop and publish surveys and collect information from customers, visitors or employees through the internet. The source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).


In July 2004 the first (RTM) release of the "free web based survey and form engine toolkit for Microsoft's .Net.” called Nsurvey was published [1] by the Austrian software developer Thomas Zummbrunn (holding an MCDBA / MCSD .NET in C# )[2]. Along with the surveytool a webcommunity and projectwebsite was started at [3]

With the release of Nsurvey v. 1.1 an announcement was made that “a Dotnetnuke Module of v1.1 is also on the way to be released”. The Nsurvey application was released to the GotDotNet workspace ( Some of the C# source code was made available too. The first DotNetNuke private assembly (PA) module was created by Oliver Hine and published in 2004. Based on Nsurvey v. 1.2 the module was compatible with the open source DNN webportal framework v. 2.0.

Up until the end of 2005 different releases for both the Nsurvey tool (up to version 1.9.1) and the DNN module (up to version 1.8 for DNN 2 and 3) were published when with the publication of release Nsurvey 2.0 the shift towards a mixed (commercial and open source) licensing model was made by the original creator and copyrightholder of the software. This coincided with a switch to the .NET 2 framework and the finishing of a complete set of userdocumentation. There were several protests from the open source community and projectactivity and involvement with the Nsurvey tool lessened. In August 2006 an attempt was made by a person named Carsinger[4] to continue and revive the project at the workspace. Mr. Zumbrunn had changed the commercial version name to accommodate this (new company name Data Illusion, product Feedbackserver). A VB.NET version of NSurvey 1.6 was released and improved versions were announced. The initiative ended in part because Microsoft stopped supporting the Gotdotnet platform [5] . Throught the forums[6] of the DotNetNuke website negotiations were mentioned between the Dotnetnuke project and and Nsurvey software owner to cooperate on the integration of the Nsurvey tool as one of the default DNN modules. Because of licensing issues this never succeeded.

In 2009 it was the current Survey™ projectleader who decided to try to restart the project for a second time. In an attempt to revive the former open source Nsurvey project and to bring about the DNN/ Nsurvey integration former sources as collected in previous years were published through the Codeplex website and a new Survey™ version 1.0 was built on one of the Nsurvey versions (1.6) initially. A new community website was started at Both at the communitysite and the Codeplex site a small group a people is currently active and working towards a steady growth of the initiative.

Project Goals[edit]

- Share the original Nsurvey open source code (versions 1.6 [7]and 1.9[8])
- Further the development of the original Nsurvey solution
- Create an up-to-date standalone Survey™ webapplication [9]
- Create a DotNetNuke Survey™ module
- All published under GNU licences

Project Organisation[edit]

The Survey project organisation is coordinated through three websites

- Survey™ Codeplex website at

   sharing of source code
issue registration
new releases

- Survey™ Community website at

   project log and status updates
community forums on all Survey related subjects
Survey product backgrounds
links and help files

- Survey™ Demonstation website at

   test and demo site of the online administration tool
test and demo site of online survey samples

Registered projectmembers at the Survey codeplex site:
- Coordinator (1)
- Developers (8)
- Editors (4)
- Followers (25)

Currently there are (61) registered members at the Survey Community site.

Survey™ Web Application[edit]


The Survey webapplication is installed on the users server (private or third party hosting). The (web- and database-) server should meet the necessary technical requirements. After installation the Survey administration tool is available through a webinterface to create and administer surveysforms. The surveyform can be published in different ways to survey endusers. Technical integration of the Survey webappliciation or the surveyform with existing webapplications is possible.

Technical Requirements[edit]

- Microsoft Windows operating system (2000/2003/ 2008/XP/ Vista/ Windows 7)
- IIS web server (6.* or higher) - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or MSDE (free) (or 2005/2008)
- .NET Framework v2.* or higher
- Optional : SMTP mail server to handle email invitations features
- Optional : SharpDevelop or Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer Express for the source projects development


Survey™ 's features include:
- Survey designer and form builder (including text/html editor)
- Survey security options
- Multilanguage options
- Question libraries
- Answer type editor
- Results and reporting options
- Import and export options
- Mailing options
- Usersaccounts and roles administration

Special features include:
- branching or skip logic
- answer piping
- randomize question order
- rating and scored surveys

List of Features

Use and Application[edit]

Survey™ can be used in different ways and in different areas of interest. It allows users with administrative rights to create and host high quality surveys suited for general data gathering purposes. It can be used for collecting data from different types of end-users like customers or employees.

Application examples:

  • Schools and universities: satisfaction and engagement studies, expectations questionnaires for students
  • Marketing: customer needs questionnaires, products analysis, service satisfaction surveys
  • Social sciences (communication, political science, psychology, and sociology): political preference surveys and questionnaires
  • Human Resources Management: employee satisfaction and engagement analysis
  • Health care and pharmacy: patient physical examination questionnaires, questionnaires supporting clinical research
  • Sales and customer service: purchase orders forms, submitting customer inquires and complaints
  • Conferences and events: collecting participants data, event questionnaires
  • Knowledge testing and exams: language testing, driver license theory tests

Survey™ (and its predecessor NSurvey) is used by several and different types of organizations e.g.:
- SABRE EU animal science and research project: conference subscription forms [10]
- Animal Welfare Science website: surveys on animal health and behaviour [11]
- Australian Government (Dept. of Education): research surveys [12]
- IST Studien Institut [13]
- Tallinn College of Engineering (TTK) [14]
- Far Edge Technology [15]
- Washington Youth Soccer [16]

Survey™ is the highest ranked survey solution on out of 11 survey projects listed based on the number of downloads and the number of page views. It has been downloaded more than 7.248 times since Nov. 2009 up until March 2011 and development status of the latest Survey 1.2.2 version is listed as "Stable". [1]

Survey™ Development[edit]

The development of the Survey™ tool is run through the Codeplex repository website at The main developer and project leader of the Survey™ project is an internet publishing private individual based in Amsterdam The Netherlands who has been involved in the use of the open source Nsurvey software since 2004.

Survey™ 1.0 is based on Nsurvey version 1.6 as written in C# by Thomas Zumbrunn, Copyright (c) 2004.
Survey™ 1.2 is based on Nsurvey version 1.9 as written in C# by Thomas Zumbrunn, Copyright (c) 2005.

As of version 1.2.2. Survey™ sources are split into two different branches [17]:
- the original website solution setup including eight different library projects (development tool: Sharp Develop)
- a revised setup and conversion of the original source code to a Web Application Project (WAP) (development tool: MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express)

Programming Languages:
- C# 4.0
- XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant
- CSS (cascading style sheets)
- JavaScript


Survey™ has builtin XML based multilanguage features and is available in different languages and dialects. Primary translations currently are English (US) and Dutch (NL). Partial language files are available for: Arabic, German, French, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Turkish. Overview of languagefiles


New free and open source versions
Survey™ 1.2.2 released July 14th 2010
Survey™ 1.2.1 released April 23rd 2010
Survey™ 1.2.0 released March 17th 2010
Survey™ 1.1.0 released February 21st 2010
Survey™ 1.0.0 released November 6th 2009

Former commercial versions
NSurvey 2.1 released Thursday, December 29, 2005
NSurvey 2.0.1 released Friday, November 18, 2005

Former free and open source versions [18]
NSurvey v.1.9.1 released Sunday, April 24, 2005
NSurvey v.1.9 released April 04, 2005
NSurvey v1.8 released January 18, 2005
NSurvey v1.7 sources January 2005
NSurvey v1.7 released December 07 2004
NSurvey v1.6 released November 05, 2004
NSurvey v1.5 released October 14, 2004
NSurvey v1.4 released September 12, 2004
NSurvey v1.3 released August 23, 2004
nSurvey v.1.2 released Monday, August 16, 2004
NSurvey v1.1 released August 09, 2004
NSurvey v.1.0 RTM released July 19, 2004
NSurvey v.1.0.b2 released July 03, 2004

New Versions[edit]

The Survey™ development team is currently developing a new Survey™ 1.2.3 version. Major revisions to the Solution setup (WAP) are planned including the introduction of the Master pages concept and a new layout setup. Minor bugs will be fixed as reported through the Survey Codeplex repository. Early July 2011 a completely revised Survey™ 2.0 version is expected as the result of a cooperation between the Survey™ project and a privately owned company specialized in IT security located in Eastern Europe.

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