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Welcome to the User Page of the Wikipedian WhiteTimberwolf.


I am a young software engineer (born 1990) and have learned Visual Basic by the age of twelve, C#, PHP and the SQL implementation of MySQL by the age of thirteen and Bash, Python and C++ by the age of fourteen.

I am a big proponent of free software but couldn't be called a purist. I have no large problems with commercial software as long as I find the price fair in comparison to the features, I can consider the software stable and it's available for more platforms than Windows. (UT2004 is fun!) My preference of free software is linked to my preference of free documentation; therefore, I am also a fan of wikis.

I mainly use Windows XP Professional on my workstation (virtualizing Ubuntu Linux whenever I feel the urge to tweak and toy around) and Mac OS X 10.4 (mainly as a jukebox and chatting "terminal") on my toaster. My desk therefore features two sets of the ubiquitous keyboard/mouse/monitor combination.

When asked about a personal trait in direct connection to technology, I often call myself a tweaker. I like modifying things and looking what goes wrong and I find Linux suiting this purpose very well.


My title on the SuperTux development team is officially documentation writer even though I spend more time altering the game code than documenting it.

I have also ported Radio Free San Andreas to Windows using MinGW and I'm currently the maintainer of the Win32 build.