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Breaking News! Penguins!

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Hello, welcome to my userpage. If you know a language aside from English, just hop in and join the effort to translate my username to many languages... Thank You in over 465 languages in advance.

About とある白い猫/一隻小白貓(To Aru Shiroi Neko)

Good day, I am とある白い猫. I was formerly known as White Cat, Cool Cat and Coolcat on Wikipedia.

I am generally pleasant and helpful so feel free to page me on any questions on my talk page.

I have been to many nations on three continents (Europe, Asia (Western), North America). I am very interested in the science of Astronomy, and I am a Computer Engineering major currently trying to master Artificial Intelligence.

I got introduced to Wikipedia on February 2005 while I was at Michigan State University by a student. Since then I have been quite active and a summary of my activity can be found on the history page.

Admin Wikipedia:Requests for adminship and me[edit]

Odd edits (generally vandalism) on wikipedia[edit]

World War II Jesus
Super Mario 64 User_talk:
WP:FAC/Palpatine Various legal/illegal threats
Bantha vandalism Triforce of Bush
Godfather's origin End of Wikipedia, rise of cookies and milk glass
Kim Jong il's last "title"

CVU userbox vandalism Fr-N userbox vandalism
Admin userbox vandalism Ancient Greece
"My son Minun" "SOCKS"??
"Hitler can break dance!" "breeding ground"
"Belldandy at long term abuse???" Disclaimer{{fact}}
moving the symbol of Italian fascism to the right Bath salts...

These are the voyages...[edit]

...of the user White Cat...

Faces & Places
Long term: Austria Belgium France Germany Italy Spain Turkey United States
Short trip: Andorra Czech Republic Egypt Greece Liechtenstein Luxembourg Monaco the Netherlands Poland San Marino Switzerland the Vatican
When possible: Alpha Centauri relative sizes.png
Alpha Centauri
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These are the voyages - en key (White Cat).png
A Certain White Cat

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Hakushu. Pachi, pachi, pachi.

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Where no one had gone before...

Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity)...
Where is Curiosity now?
Mission time: 2y 238d 19h 4m 46s

First image from Curiosity rover

First image from Curiosity rover

New Horizons, first proble for Pluto...
Where is New Horizons now?
Projected ETA: 0y 103d 2h 51m 7s

Pluto and its largest moon, Charon

Pluto and its largest moon, Charon from New Horizons

The image above will be updated in 2015 with the first image of Pluto...

Please update for me if I fail to do so