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Picture of Matthew Anderson (on the right) in front of a TCA Lockheed Super Constellation.

Matthew Aaron Anderson is a Wikipedia editor, transportation history buff and college student in Tucson, Arizona. He was born in Mexico City on January 6, 1995 and has previously lived in Brussels, Belgium, Reston, Virginia, Ottawa, Ontario and Seattle, Washington. Despite being born in Mexico City, both parents hail from the United States, meaning Matthew has been an American citizen since birth. Interests include American Highways, Commercial Maritime History, Computer Aided Drafting, Aviation History and the history surrounding both the Northwestern United States and the U.S. State of Arizona. The former username White Star Line Fan reflected the maritime portion of his interests. As of April 5, 2014, Matthew's username is MatthewAnderson707. Matthew is also planning on creating a historical association for the preservation of U.S. Route 80 in Arizona.

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