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Whiteboy925 is a boy who lives somewhere that he's afraid to tell because, you know, what if you rape him? He loves music and some other stuff.

BS-N This user is a native speaker of Bullshit.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
Ichthus.svg This user is a Christian.
Screwit.svg This user reserves the right to completely screw up their own edits.
Wayfield's Young Argos, the Labrador Retriever.jpg This user owns one or more dogs.
♂ This user is male.
This user is of Scottish ancestry.
Flag of England.svg This user is of
English ancestry
Royal Arms of England (1198-1340).svg
Flag of Italy.svg This user is of Italian ancestry.
This user was born in the year of the Pig. Boar.svg
Gemini.svg This user is a Gemini.
Wall clock.jpg This user watches 24.
Flag of the Netherlands.svg This user is of Dutch ancestry.
FG This user thinks Family Guy is freakin' sweet.
Google 2015 logo.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.
13 This user is 13 years old.
Flag of California.svg
Trumpet 1.jpg This user plays the trumpet.
SF This user is a fan of the
San Francisco 49ers
SF This user is a fan of the
San Francisco Giants
GS This user is a fan of the
Golden State Warriors
HeteroSym-pinkblue2.svg This user identifies as Straight.
MUSE This user will be chasing a Starlight.
Steven Tyler (musician).jpg This user is a fan of Aerosmith.
BJ This user is livin' on a prayer.
LS This user's as free as a bird, now.
This user is a rider on the storm.
Nirvana around 1992.jpg This user is a Nirvana fan.
BS This user is a fan of Black Sabbath.
Metallica wordmark.svg This user is a fan of Metallica.
Linkin park acronym 2007th.png
This user is looking for Somewhere he belongs.
GNR This user loves Guns N' Roses.
JHE This user has purple haze, all in his or her brain.
RHCP This user is a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan.
ZOSO When this user dies, this user takes the stairway to heaven.
BÖC This user says:
"Don't fear the reaper!"
Milvus migrans Kyoto 001 JPN.jpg This user is a fan of the Eagles.
The Fabs.JPG This user loves The Beatles.
BluesBrothers.png This user is on a mission from God.
This user is a fan of AC/DC.
RS This user is a fan of
The Rolling Stones
I vandalize wikipedia!! And I'm proud!
BENDER B. RODRIGUEZ Bite this user's shiny metal ass!
NCI bacon.jpg This user strongly believes pigs die for a cause.
Pizza.jpg This user prefers pepperoni pizza.
French fries juliane kr r.svg This user loves to eat fries, or chips.
RHCP = Hotter than you This user has a Scar Tissue that they wish you saw.
This user doesn't practice Santeria.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.png This user enjoys rock music.
Stratocaster detail DSC06937.jpg This user likes alternative rock.
Stratocaster detail DSC06937.jpg This user likes grunge music.
CS This user loves Carlos Santana.
Freddy Mercury Statue Montreux.jpg Freddie Mercury takes this user's breath away.
MUSE This user is a fan of Muse.
Ohlookiebricks.jpg   All in all, this user's just another brick in The Wall.
ThePolice 2007.jpg This user enjoys the music of The Police.
Queen This user loves Queen!
This user loves The Ramones.
Strokes This user is hard to explain