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"It may well be the mission of our own generation to help our descendants to understand that technological progress does not necessarily imply unthinking rejection of what the past has brought us."

Henri-Jean Martin,
The History and Power of Writing

"The online explosion has meant we have access to more information than ever before. What we don't have is the time to sort through it, weigh it against other information and consider what the consequences of it are."

Waleed Aly, giving the 2016 Andrew Olle Media Lecture
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"... Now
I mean to show things as they really are,
Not as they ought to be: for I avow,
That till we see what's what in fact, we're far
From much improvement ..."

Lord Byron,
Don Juan Canto XXII, stanza XL

Paolini - L'Altra Figura

I am an educator and editor with an eclectic enthusiasm for the Arts and History that has persisted long after gaining some qualifications in these fields. Being about freely sharing knowledge, Wikipedia is part of what education is about, so there is a match. My personal motto is Learn and Contribute and Wikipedia is a good place to do both at once.

However, as with most areas of endeavour, learning from and about this encyclopaedia only demonstrates how much more there is to learn. Nevertheless, I like watching it approaching the infinity of its ideal - little by little, step by step, with the help of all of us.

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