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Template to close table of Members of Provincial Parliament in Ontario Election/Candidate/Riding articles using the {{MPP-MLA}} template series.


Closes a table created with {{ MPP-MLA}} and populated with the {{ MPP-MLA/Row}} template series.

{{MPP-MLA/Row … }}
{{MPP-MLA/End | mmmyyyy | Contested? }}

where (unnamed optional parameters indicate, in sequence):

    mmmyyyy     identifies the election period (e.g. Oct2011 for the October 2011 Ontario provincial election); this permits global updating of Election Results becoming Official.  Once results become official, this template should be updated to indicate that results (for the specified election) are Official.  When the next election is called (and the {{MPP-MLA}} templates start being added to existing pages for the next election, update the {{MPP-MLA/End|mmmyyyy}} template to indicate that those results are Unofficial (until the template is again updated to reflect results becoming Official).  See comments in {{MPP-MLA/End}} template for instructions on making these simple changes.

The following comment is added below the results until they become Official:
  Before the election:

  After the election until {{MPP-MLA/End}} is updated:

The appropriate message is displayed depending on the current date verses the Scheduled Election Date specified in the {{MPP-MLA/End}} template.  The word "preliminary" (uncoloured) is automatically included in the message (after 8pm) on election day (and removed after midnight), and the entire notice is added until {{MPP-MLA/End}} is updated to indicate that the overall election results are Official (usually occurs some time during the week following the election). Once the {{MPP-MLA/End}} template is updated, these comments are automatically excluded from all older election results so there is no need to update individual articles.

Contested? any value other than "No", "N", or "0" (zero) (as the second parameter) specifies that this riding's election results are being contested, and these results alone remain Unofficial with the following message added below the Contested results:

Once the riding's results become Official, edit the specific wiki article and clear the Contested? flag from the {{MPP-MLA/End | mmmyyyy | Contested?}} template.