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Hi! My name's Will and I use the moniker Whouk. I've been here since August 2005 and in my early years did a lot of work on television and politics articles, plus new page patrolling, reverting vandalism, and cleaning up articles. After several years on hiatus, I'm not active again and contribute to the project most day. At the moment I focus my admin time on the proposed deletion process and a little bit of recent change patrolling.


I always aim to be civil and helpful. If I make a mistake, please let me know and I'll try to put it right. Feel free to leave me a message and say hello.

I always try to be welcoming to new users and to flag on the relevant user's talk page if I revert vandalism or mark their new page for speedy deletion.

The pages I significantly edit tend to be for TV series and actors, but also often include musicians, politicians and places.

Most of my edits are tidying: wikifying/stubbing new pages or tagging them for deletion; reverting vandalism; stub sorting; highlighting potential copyright violation; and fixing wiki syntax.

You can view my admin actions in the log.

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