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Category:Companies Category:Video game websites Category:Media The Wiire ( is a Web site dedicated to news about the Nintendo Wii. It includes a podcast, frequent news articles, reviews, and a forum.


The Wiire was founded by Ian Mikutel in May 2005. At that point, it bore the name "Revolution Report: The first site dedicated to the Nintendo Revolution." The original site,, sported an acclaimed[1] Flash intro and most of the current features. Upon the Revolution-to-Wii name change in 2006, the site's name was changed to "The Wiire: Your connection to the Nintendo Wii," and has remained so ever since. Since their debut, the site, its boards, and its podcast have remained free of charge.[2]


Wiire staff, all volunteers, include:[3]

  • Ian Mikutel; Founder and CEO
  • Steve Mastrangelo; Co-founder and programmer
  • Rob Galbreath; Editor-in-chief
  • Shawn White; Senior Editor
  • James King; CIO
  • Scott Barkman; Lead programmer
  • Andrew Eder; Graphic Artist and Community Manager
  • Aaron Canaday; Graphic Artist
  • Leonardo Pugliese; Audio Editor
  • Eric Wright; Reviews Editor


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