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Calligraphy by Mishkin-Qalam (1826–1912).
Afnán-i-Kabir (seated), his five sons, and H. Dunlop (1891). See Bahá'í Faith in the Netherlands.
A Bábí da'ira, printed in gold and incorporating script in the Báb's own hand.
Original corridor to the entrance of the Síyáh-Chál in Tehran, Iran.
One sheet of 'revelation writing', identified as the third Tajalí of Bahá'u'lláh's Tablet of Tajallíyát.
Moksopaya manuscript.
An aarti plate, used in Hindu worship.
A ceremony welcoming the newly wed bride to her new home, with the feet dipped in a mixture of milk and alta (taken from Flickr).
Carrying corpses to the Holy Shrines, Persia, 19th century (see Ziyarat).
Painting of the Ellora caves, by Thomas Daniell.
Sculpture depicting 12 asana's of the Surya Namaskar at Terminal T3 at IGIA Airport, New Delhi, India, created by Nikhil Bhandari.

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