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WikiBhasha is an outcome of a research project in Microsoft Research - called WikiBABEL - that explores crowd sourcing methodologies for creation of language data. Microsoft Research has contributed WikiBhasha as an open source MediaWiki extension.

WikiBhasha is also available as a user-script from WikiBhasha.MSR user.

WikiBhasha Software[edit]

WikiBhasha is a multilingual content creation tool developed by Microsoft Research. WikiBhasha enables Wikipedia users and contributors to explore and source content from English Wikipedia articles, to translate the content into a set of target languages supported by Microsoft Translator, and to use the content with user additions and corrections for contribution to the target language Wikipedia. The content creation workflow is flexible enough to accommodate new content creation, at the same time preserving reusable information, such as references and templates.

WikiBhasha beta is a powerful multilingual content creator. It has an easy to use, intuitive user interface, and enables easy and quick translation of articles from English to more than 30 other languages that are supported by Microsoft’s Machine Translation system and Microsoft’s Collaborative Translation Framework.

WikiBhasha beta is released as an open source MediaWiki extension, under Apache 2 License, in It is also available as an installable bookmarklet from the WikiBhasha homepage.

WikiBhasha may be installed as a user-script (WikiBhasha) from WikiBhasha.MSR user.