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Latest notes and updates[edit]

What's up, y'all? Sorry I didn't add an update at the end of the last month but time flies when you're having fun (LOL, and when you're really bored, too). Let's get right into the proceedings this evening:

I created articles for the songs "Bomdigi," "Day and Night," "Full Cooperation," "Get Da Money," "I Can Go Deep," "I'll Bee Dat!," "Joy," "Stay Real," "Steelo," and "Welcome," as well as templates for EPMD and Montell Jordan.

I was able to elevate the album's Dru Hill, Muddy Waters, and Tamia to C-class, and Boxcar Sessions to Start-class. Though I didn't get their class ratings raised, I also did work on the articles for the song's "Party and Bullshit," "Pick It Up," and the template for hip hop artist Ja Rule.

I was a little lazy for these last couple of months (I know you're all starting to recognize a bit of a pattern) so I didn't really have a ton to update you on anyway. I'll be trying to do a lot more work throughout March. 'Til next time...

— 04:39, 25 February 2011 (UTC)