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Pancreatic cancer

"When cells cause cancer by giving the wrong messages" - we've finally cracked the file format conversion to start uploading some of our animations!
Diagram showing why cancer cells need their own blood supply, the first CRUK released image. See the Commons category for more as time goes by; now over 400.

Alternative account for John Byrne / User:Johnbod as Wikimedian/Wikipedian in residence at Cancer Research UK in London, from May 2014 to mid-February 2015, for four days a week. See the project page at Wikipedia:WikiProject CRUK.

Until July 2014 I was also Wikimedian/Wikipedian in residence at the Royal Society (one day per week). See the project page at Wikipedia:WikiProject Royal Society, and User:Cancer Research UK uploader on Wikimedia Commons.

My role at Cancer Research UK[edit]

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WikiProject Medicine.

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is the largest charity outside the US dedicated to medical research into all aspects of cancer.

I am lucky to be working there from May to early December 2014 (now extended) as Wikipedian in residence /Project Manager, Wikipedia. This position is funded by the Wellcome Trust, with administrative support from Wikimedia UK. I will be working on a four days a week basis, and for two months until early July will combine this with my one day a week position as Wikimedian/Wikipedian in residence at the Royal Society.

The work will have a number of different aspects, including:

  • Working with the existing Wikipedia medical editors to improve cancer-related content on Wikipedia. There will be a number of aspects to this, including reviews of content by specialist clinical researchers and writers, the recruitment of new Wikipedian medical editors through events and other outreach, and releasing CRUK images on open licenses.
  • Working to increase understanding of open content in general, and the Wikimedia projects in particular, within CRUK and it's research and other communities.
  • Working within CRUK to define and establish policy promoting the placing of CRUK material on open licenses where possible and appropriate.
  • Producing consumer research into the experience of the general public reading cancer-related articles on Wikipedia.

My blogs etc.[edit]


Mainly written for CRUK non- or new Wikipedians.

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COI corner[edit]

My edits that might be thought to have a Wikipedia:conflict of interest. commonents welcome.

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Welcome to Wikipedia from the Medicine Wikiproject![edit]

Welcome to Wikipedia and Wikiproject Medicine

Welcome to Wikipedia from Wikiproject Medicine (also known as WPMED).

We're a group of editors who strive to improve the quality of medical articles here on Wikipedia. One of our members has noticed that you are interested in editing medical articles; it's great to have a new interested editor on board. In your wiki-voyages, a few things that may be relevant to editing Wikipedia articles are:

  • Thanks for coming aboard! We always appreciate a new editor. Feel free to leave us a message at any time on our talk page. If you are interested in joining the project yourself, there is a participant list where you can sign up. Please leave a message on the WPMED talk page if you have any problems, suggestions, would like review of an article, need suggestions for articles to edit, or would like some collaboration when editing!
  • Sourcing of medical and health-related content on Wikipedia is guided by our medical sourcing guidelines, commonly referred to as MEDRS. These guidelines typically requires recent secondary sources to support information; its application is further explained here. Primary sources (case studies, case reports, research studies) are rarely used, especially if the primary sources are produced by the organisation or individual who is promoting a claim.
  • Wikipedia is a kingdom full of a wide variety of editors with different interests, skills, and knowledge. We all manage to get along through a lot of discussion that happens under the scenes and through the bold, edit, discuss editing cycle. If you encounter any problems, you can discuss it on an article's talk page or post a message on the WPMED talk page.

Feel free to drop a note on my talk page if you have any problems. I wish you all the best on your wiki voyages!