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Wikicology in his office at Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria

Who I am[edit]

I choose to be anonymous for security reasons but ask me through my email if you must know my real name.

My mentors[edit]

Several remarkable editors influence my edit behavior here on Wikipedia and I have no personal connection with any of them and sometimes disagree with some of them at talk pages and AfDs.

How I communicate[edit]

I post my email address, because sometimes it's better to argue in private. But normally I use the article and user talk page. I think it highly advantageous to respond on the page that the question was asked, and keep article discussions in article space. If you ask me a question on my talk page, look there for the answer--it's the only way I can keep track of what needs to be followed up further.


I admit that I'm sometimes blunt and hostile with some editors on talk pages for obvious reasons. There is a distinct school of thought that anyone can become a Wikipedian and will contribute usefully to the project if you handle them with care. I disagree! I agree with some remarkable editors that not all editors that come around are actually here to build an encyclopedia. Some only comes around to either promote themselves, band or company and when they achieve their aims, they leave the project for the true Wikipedians, who had true passion for the project. How on earth will I be polite with spammer? NEVER!

Are they ever going to become Wikipedians? NO! I describe them as Mosquitoes, who only visit the room for a "blood meal", with the aim to harm. If they are chased out of the room, will it cause any harm to the room or its occupants? NEVER! If you see that I bite a potential Wikipedian do let me know on my talk page, I may probably help to nurture and mentored them. Don't bother, I will definitely recognize one when I encounter them.


Administrators, commonly known as admins and also called sysops (system operators), are Wikipedia editors who have been entrusted access to a number of restricted technical and maintenance features ("tools"). These sets of editors are not God but deserves obsequious respect. This is not simply because, they are better than some non-administrators, of course there are thousands of remarkable editors here without the bid but adminship task is a leadership task. However, some sysop abuse the administrator's privilege and sometimes betrayed the Community trust. This could be as a result of frustrations and sometimes lack of sense of limits. Its annoying and disgusting when an administrators get Ban or Blocked for Edit warring, obvious COI, Sock puppetry, paid advocacy, Personal attacks and all other related offenses.

I sometimes disagree with some administrators on certain actions not simply because I want to be noticed or to claim that I "Know it all" but because they are often wrong, although I prefer to be quiet just to avoid rifts with any editors because I strongly believe that good faith is all that is required to contribute usefully to Wikipedia.

What I do here[edit]

Article creation[edit]

I'm a prolific writer with over 400 articles as at July 10, 2015 although I joined Wikipedia on June 3, 2014. I focused on Nigeria-related articles of encyclopedic importance, particularly Academic biography, Jurist. I also write on Medicine, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Governments Politics, History, Culture, Business and other encyclopedic subjects. I had also reviewed thousands of articles as a reviewer on Wikipedia with significant contributions to thousands of other articles as well.

New page patrolling[edit]

New page patrolling is one of my major priority on wikipedia, because its the major route through which articles are submitted to the encyclopedia. Although this is time-consuming but my passion for the project is my driving force.

Candidates for speedy deletion patrolling[edit]

I'm a candidates for speedy deletion patroller. I often do this to ensure that pages are appropriately tagged for deletion and I've rescued a good number of them. This become necessary because we had lost a good number of good articles out of wrong tagging and deletion.

My essays[edit]

My DYKs[edit]