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Nerve: {{{Name}}}
Latin {{{Latin}}}
Innervates {{{Innervates}}}
From {{{BranchFrom}}}
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The anatomy infobox "Template:Infobox_Nerve" displays a right-side infobox showing information about nerves in the body, allowing 2 images to be displayed at the top of the box.


Obturator nerve
Right hip-joint. (Obturator at upper right.)
Nerves of the right lower extremity. Front view.
FromLumbar plexus
Toposterior branch of obturator nerve, anterior branch of obturator nerve
Innervatesmedial compartment of thigh
Latinnervus obturatorius
Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy

The template is invoked using double-brace syntax (with the result similar to that shown at the right), coded as follows:

{{Infobox Nerve
| Name     = Obturator nerve
| Latin    = nervus obturatorius
| GraySubject= 212
| GrayPage   = 953
| Image   = Gray344.png
| Caption =Right [[hip-joint]].
    (Obturator at upper right)
| Image2  = Gray827.png
| Caption2= Nerves of the right
   lower extremity. Front view.
| Innervates =[[medial
       compartment of thigh]]
| BranchFrom =[[Lumbar plexus]]
| BranchTo   =
 [[posterior branch of obtu..]],
 [[anterior branch of obtur..]]
| MeshName   =
| MeshNumber =
| DorlandsPre= n_05
| DorlandsSuf= 12566297


The template parameters are (Camel case requiring upper/lowercase):

  • Name = English name for structure.
  • Latin = Latin name for structure.
  • GraySubject = Gray's Anatomy subject number, such as: 189.
  • GrayPage = Gray's Anatomy page number, such as: 825.
  • Image    = top image (omit "Image:").
  • Width    = width of top image (in pixels, default=250).
  • Caption  = caption under top image.
  • Image2    = 2nd top image (omit "Image:").
  • Width2    = width of 2nd image (in pixels, default=250).
  • Caption2  = caption under 2nd top image.
  • Map         = map procedure after 2nd image.
  • MapCaption = caption under map image.
  • Innervates = any innervate text
  • BranchFrom = any text
  • BranchTo    = any text
  • MeshName    = MeSH name
  • MeshNumber = MeSH number code
  • DorlandsPre   = Dorlands prefix, such as: i_09.
  • DorlandsSuf   = Dorlands suffix, such as: 12454066.
  • BoxWidth    = width of infobox (in em/pixels, default 20em), also "boxwidth"
  • ColumnGap =     - extra spaces between infobox columns.

Most parameters begin with a capital letter.

Template implementation notes[edit]

The template was implemented in January 2006 using the MediaWiki parser-functions language (which was updated in January 2008 to run with a recursive descent parser).

Changes should be made and verified in a test-version of the template by copying it into user-space (under "User:XXX/Template:Infobox_Nerve"). Changes can be checked by editing actual articles by edit-preview (not Save) with the template-brace calls prefixed by "{<font/>{User:XXX/Template:...}}" but never saved that way.

When modifying the template or documentation ("/doc" subpage), it is often necessary to purge the template cache (using "action=purge"), such as to display modified documentation:

Running old versions of the template can be very confusing and frustrating when trying to install and verify improvements copied from test-versions of the template (so remember "action=purge").

See also[edit]

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