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Map with a custom caption and text background[edit]

Imotski is in Croatia.
Imotski is in Croatia.
Imotski {Location map}
Imotski (Croatia)
Imotski {Locat...quick}

This example sets the label color by "background = #FFFFDD" and sets the caption=xx for the caption below the map. The width=200 sets the image width to 200px for all readers, rather than scale=0.75 as set to 75% of each user's preference setting.

{{Location map/sandbox quick| Croatia
| lat = 43.44
| long = 17.21
| label = Imotski 
  | position = right
  | background = #FFFFDD
| width = 200
| float = right
| caption = Imotski in Croatia
| alt = Imotski is in Croatia.
Yorkshire and the Humber
European Parliament constituency
Lua error in Module:Location_map at line 345: The value "−0.5" provided for longitude is not valid.
Location among the 2007 constituencies
Shown within England
Member state United Kingdom
Created 1999
MEPs 7 (1999–2004)
6 (2004–present)