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Applied AutoMod is a 3-D simulation and automation analysis software developed by Applied Materials. It has been used for over 25 years helping engineers, integrators, and systems analysts understand and solve the complexities of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and material handling systems throughout the world.

AutoMod provides easy to use material handling modules for modeling; Conveyor Systems, Vehicle or Path-Based Systems, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Bridge and Gantry Cranes, Robotic Operations, and Power and Free Systems. Users build models in a true 3-D environment and can incorporate 3-D graphics developed in other software packages. The AutoMod language provides the necessary details to model complex decision making and controls necessary to accurately model and evaluate complex system performance and interaction. AutoMod also can communicate with external controls systems via OPC or Sockets providing the capability to perform controls testing and Emulation.


  • Student Version - Free academic version used in Universities throughout the world. It is limited to classroom size models and is for non-commercial use. Accompanying "Getting Started With AutoMod" (GSWA) PDF Text written by Dr. Jerry Banks is also available for free.
  • Commercial Version - AutoMod simulation software provides an environment for building highly accurate modules for analysis and development as well as for control system emulation. Users can easily simulate systems of any size or level of detail, from manual operations to fully automated facilities, with true-to-scale 3-D virtual reality animation to easily analyze complex systems. With its flexible architecture, AutoMod’s simulation capabilities are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, and transportation. Optional add-ons provide enhanced statistical analysis, presentation graphics and animated movies, modeling of complex movement, and information transfers between models, control systems, and third party applications.
                    * Reduces design and development time 
                    * Enhances confidence in process design and reduces risk of costly design mistakes 
                    * Support capital equipment investment analysis 
                    * Enables continuous operational improvement 
                    * Includes expert-based material handling templates that have been developed through real-world 
                       experience in industrial automation 

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