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I am British and live in London. My main interests are history, law and physics...

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This user drinks beer.

...and beer.

And, for that matter, Wikipedia! I have written quite a few pages. Big pages that I have written which are complete (or almost complete) include, the Law page, History of economic thought, Competition law and UK company law. For a fuller list of all the little bits that I have done, see below.

I really think that Wikipedia will, given 10 years, become for law students a superior learning material to most casebooks, and the first point of call when students do not understand what they've read for class. If you look at how many US Supreme Court judgments are already up, it must be clear that this is the tip of the iceberg. My view is that the most important thing on the law pages is good structure - e.g. headings should always link to main articles - and good references. I've reformatted the law template, and the law portal (and apart from their reordering, giving them their current glossy red/gold). And then I've done loads of other little things, like most Wikipedians do. It's just for fun, and hopefully it's useful.

All comments are welcome.

p.s. have a look at Professor Wikipedia for a good laugh.
p.p.s. here is an interesting new tool; a webpage which shows you how many hits each article gets, at, created by User:Henrik.

Interesting pages from Britannica 1911[edit]

And very useful is Category:United States case law by topic


Ones that I have written but are still stubbish and need to be filled out include, English tort law, English criminal law, UK company law (plus Unfair prejudice, Say on pay, the Combined Code and Mergers and acquisitions in United Kingdom law‎), UK commercial law‎ and UK labour law, with Employment discrimination law in the United Kingdom. The list below doesn't really serve any purpose, except for me to keep track of what I've been wasting all my time on!

Company law

Duty of loyalty

Duty of care

Corporate litigation

Labour law