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Hello, my name is Wikidude10000. Over 10,000 edits

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I try to:

  • Fix any mistakes (big and small) that I may see, though I acknowledge that I am not all knowing and will not always fix problems, which is why I don't annoint myself as a big helper
  • Create articles usually revolving around sports, which is usually a good subject to do because:
    • A good deal of it is accessible and quick to read through
    • It has benefit to at least one person
    • I enjoy talking and writing about sports - from a neutral standpoint. If I seem un-neutral, talk to me on my talk page.
    • Some templates are lacking in pages even though it seems they need help with creating pages, such as the Orange Bowl, or the American Basketball Association.
  • I do not claim to be a good editor, I just claim to be an editor-on-occasion.

I am:

  • Well meaning and open to conversation and disagreement - when it makes sense.

As long as the page looks fine, everything's alright in the world.


First Article created: 1973–74 San Antonio Spurs season
(January 29, 2013)
  • Sugar Bowl articles created: 1937 Sugar Bowl, 1938 Sugar Bowl, 1944 Sugar Bowl, 1946 Sugar Bowl, 1954 Sugar Bowl, 1971 Sugar Bowl, 1972 Sugar Bowl (January), 1974 Sugar Bowl, 1991 Sugar Bowl, 1995 Sugar Bowl (January)
  • Cotton Bowl Classic articles created: 1938, 1941, 1943 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1945 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1948 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1949 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1950 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1951 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1953 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1956 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1957 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1959 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1960 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1962 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1963 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1966 Cotton Bowl Classic (December), 1969 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1972 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1974 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1977 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1980 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1986 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1987 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1990 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1992 Cotton Bowl Classic
  • Season articles created: 1973–74 San Antonio Spurs season, 1974–75 San Antonio Spurs season, 1975–76 San Antonio Spurs season, 1967–68 Pittsburgh Pipers season, 1967–68 Kentucky Colonels season, 1967–68 Dallas Chaparrals season, 1967–68 New Orleans Buccaneers season, 1967–68 Minnesota Muskies season1967–68 Houston Mavericks season, 1967–68 Anaheim Amigos season, 1967–68 Oakland Oaks season,‎ 1968–69 Oakland Oaks season, 1968–69 Kentucky Colonels season, 1968–69 Dallas Chaparrals season, 1968–69 New Orleans Buccaneers season, 1968–69 Miami Floridians season, 1968–69 Minnesota Pipers season, 1968–69 Houston Mavericks season, 1968–69 Los Angeles Stars season, 1969–70 Kentucky Colonels season, 1969–70 Dallas Chaparrals season, 1969–70 Los Angeles Stars season, 1969–70 Miami Floridians season, 1969–70 Carolina Cougars season, 1969–70 Washington Caps season, 1969–70 New Orleans Buccaneers season, 1969–70 Pittsburgh Pipers season, 1970–71 Utah Stars season, 1970–71 Kentucky Colonels season, 1970–71 Texas Chaparrals season, 1970–71 Carolina Cougars season, 1970–71 Memphis Pros season, 1970–71 Pittsburgh Condors season, 1970–71 The Floridians season, 1970–71 Virginia Squires season, 1971–72 Kentucky Colonels season, 1971–72 Dallas Chaparrals season, 1971–72 Memphis Pros season, 1971–72 Pittsburgh Condors season, 1971–72 Carolina Cougars season, 1971–72 The Floridians season, 1971–72 Virginia Squires season, 1971–72 Utah Stars season, 1972–73 Kentucky Colonels season, 1972–73 Dallas Chaparrals season, 1972–73 Memphis Tams season, 1972–73 Carolina Cougars season, 1972–73 San Diego Conquistadors season, 1972–73 Virginia Squires season, 1972–73 Utah Stars season, 1973–74 Memphis Tams season, 1973–74 Utah Stars season, 1973–74 Carolina Cougars season, 1973–74 Virginia Squires season, 1974–75 Utah Stars season, 1974–75 Memphis Sounds season, 1974–75 Virginia Squires season, 1974–75 San Diego Conquistadors season
  • Team articles created: Texas–Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros women's basketball, Holy Cross Crusaders women's basketball, 1980 Dayton Flyers football team
  • Bluebonnet Bowl / Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl articles created: 1959 Bluebonnet Bowl, 1961 Bluebonnet Bowl, 1964 Bluebonnet Bowl, 1965 Bluebonnet Bowl, 1966 Bluebonnet Bowl, 1968 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, 1969 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, 1971 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, 1975 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, 1980 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, 1983 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, 1984 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, 1985 Bluebonnet Bowl, 1986 Bluebonnet Bowl, 1987 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl
  • Orange Bowl articles created: 1940 Orange Bowl, 1941 Orange Bowl, 1942 Orange Bowl, 1945 Orange Bowl, 1946 Orange Bowl, 1948 Orange Bowl, 1949 Orange Bowl, 1951 Orange Bowl, 1956 Orange Bowl, 1957 Orange Bowl,1958 Orange Bowl, 1959 Orange Bowl, 1960 Orange Bowl, 1964 Orange Bowl, 1967 Orange Bowl, ‎1968 Orange Bowl, ‎1969 Orange Bowl, 1970 Orange Bowl, 1974 Orange Bowl, 1980 Orange Bowl, 1981 Orange Bowl, 1986 Orange Bowl, 1987 Orange Bowl
  • Sun Bowl articles created: 1936 Sun Bowl, 1937 Sun Bowl, 1941 Sun Bowl, 1943 Sun Bowl, 1946 Sun Bowl, 1949 Sun Bowl, 1950 Sun Bowl, 1953 Sun Bowl, 1954 Sun Bowl, 1955 Sun Bowl, 1957 Sun Bowl, 1958 Sun Bowl (December), 1959 Sun Bowl, 1960 Sun Bowl, 1961 Sun Bowl, 1962 Sun Bowl, 1965 Sun Bowl, 1966 Sun Bowl, 1967 Sun Bowl, 1968 Sun Bowl, 1969 Sun Bowl, 1973 Sun Bowl, 1974 Sun Bowl, 1975 Sun Bowl, 1977 Sun Bowl (January), 1978 Sun Bowl, 1980 Sun Bowl, 1981 Sun Bowl, 1982 Sun Bowl, 1984 Sun Bowl, 1985 Sun Bowl, 1989 John Hancock Bowl, 1990 John Hancock Bowl
  • Others created: 1921 San Diego East-West Christmas Classic, ‎1922 San Diego East-West Christmas Classic. 1925 Dixie Classic, 1946 Oil Bowl, 1947 Oil Bowl, 1947 Raisin Bowl, Salad Bowl, 1952 Salad Bowl 1961 Gotham Bowl, 1962 Gotham Bowl, 1971 Pasadena Bowl, 1990 Aloha Bowl, 1992 Las Vegas Bowl, 1994 Las Vegas Bowl, 1998 Motor City Bowl,
  • Gator Bowl articles created: 1946 Gator Bowl, 1947 Gator Bowl, 1951 Gator Bowl, 1954 Gator Bowl (December), 1958 Gator Bowl, 1963 Gator Bowl, 1966 Gator Bowl, 1971 Gator Bowl (December), 1974 Gator Bowl, 1989 Gator Bowl (January), 1996 Gator Bowl, 1997 Gator Bowl, 1999 Gator Bowl, 2000 Gator Bowl
  • Freedom Bowl articles created: 1987 Freedom Bowl, 1990 Freedom Bowl, 1991 Freedom Bowl, 1994 Freedom Bowl
  • Hall of Fame Classic articles created: 1977 Hall of Fame Classic, 1978 Hall of Fame Classic, 1979 Hall of Fame Classic, 1981 Hall of Fame Classic, 1985 Hall of Fame Classic
  • Fiesta Bowl articles created: 1971 Fiesta Bowl, 1972 Fiesta Bowl, 1973 Fiesta Bowl, 1975 Fiesta Bowl, 1976 Fiesta Bowl, 1977 Fiesta Bowl, 1979 Fiesta Bowl, 1980 Fiesta Bowl, 1982 Fiesta Bowl
  • Liberty Bowl articles created: 1960 Liberty Bowl, 1961 Liberty Bowl, 1965 Liberty Bowl, 1967 Liberty Bowl, 1972 Liberty Bowl, 1973 Liberty Bowl, 1986 Liberty Bowl, 1987 Liberty Bowl, 1989 Liberty Bowl, 1990 Liberty Bowl, 1991 Liberty Bowl, 1992 Liberty Bowl, 1997 Liberty Bowl
  • Blockbuster / Carquest Bowl articles created: 1990 Blockbuster Bowl, 1994 Carquest Bowl, 1995 Carquest Bowl (January), 1995 Carquest Bowl (December), 1996 Carquest Bowl, 1997 Carquest Bowl
  • Peach Bowl articles created: 1968 Peach Bowl, 1969 Peach Bowl, 1970 Peach Bowl, 1971 Peach Bowl, 1972 Peach Bowl, 1975 Peach Bowl, 1977 Peach Bowl, 1978 Peach Bowl
  • Tangerine Bowl / Florida Citrus Bowl articles created: 1948 Tangerine Bowl, 1962 Tangerine Bowl, 1964 Tangerine Bowl, 1965 Tangerine Bowl, 1973 Tangerine Bowl, 1974 Tangerine Bowl, 1975 Tangerine Bowl, 1981 Tangerine Bowl, 1984 Florida Citrus Bowl, 1985 Florida Citrus Bowl, 1992 Florida Citrus Bowl, 1997 Florida Citrus Bowl, 1998 Florida Citrus Bowl
  • Independence Bowl articles created: 1979 Independence Bowl, 1980 Independence Bowl, 1981 Independence Bowl, 1983 Independence Bowl, 1985 Independence Bowl, 1988 Independence Bowl, 1989 Independence Bowl, 1992 Independence Bowl, 1994 Independence Bowl, 1995 Independence Bowl, 1997 Independence Bowl
  • Political articles created: Georgia gubernatorial election, 1974, Georgia gubernatorial election, 1978, Georgia gubernatorial election, 1982, Ohio gubernatorial election, 1986, Harry Browne presidential campaign, 2000


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