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WikiLeaps is a game created by Adam Goodenough and David Slade in fall of 2012 as a boredom buster. It is a similar concept to the famed Six degrees of separation which in turn spawned a popular game among movie buffs called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon


Single Player[edit]

A player must choose a Wikipedia page at random, as a starting page. This is achieved either by the player picking a page based on something they are also doing, for instance the band they are currently listening to, or by clicking the 'Random Article' link in the top right hand of every Wikipedia page. The must then attempt to get to another Wikipedia page by clicking on page links with the shortest amount of links clicked as possible. The random page that must be reached can be chosen by using the 'Random Article' link once again.


The multiplayer rules are much the same as single player rules, except the end page is determined by another person. Each of the players involved take it in turns and the player who reaches the end page in the shortest amount of link clicks is the winner of that round. Each player can either use the same end page, if an independent person is picking the end page, or each new player receives a different end page from the other players on their turn.

As a general rule a maximum amount of link clicks is enforced, due to the extensive nature of the Wikipedia page network. This is usually 10 but can be determined and agreed upon by the players involved. Once this limit is reached a player may go back some links, which they can also do at any point, and try again or simply give-up.


1. Avril Lavigne to Orion's belt in 8 links. Avril Lavigne > Canada > Canadian Space Agency > List of space agencies > Outer space > Orion-Cygnus Arm > Orion (constellation) > Orion's Belt
2. Slipknot (band) to Deciduous in 3 links. Slipknot (band) > United States > Deciduous
3. Jean-Luc Picard to Wagon Wheels in 8 links. Jean-Luc Picard > Earl Grey Tea > Tea > Pistachio > Nut (fruit) > Snack food > Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats > Wagon Wheels


Adam Goodeneough, 25, is an I.T technician at a high school. David Slade, 24, studies Biology at the University of Derby. They both enjoy video games and Adam regularly contributes to the community online video website Youtube with let's play videos for the channel Binarycore Media, whilst they both contribute to the Binarycore podcasts on a frequent basis.


Preparations are being made for the creation of a website, which will include a forum where people can post their scores and suggestions for WikiLeaps to attempt. It will also likely include lists of the funniest, hardest, easiest and impossible(not achievable in 10 links or less) WikiLeaps.

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