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While, much like films, it is impossible to objectively determine the actor and actress of all time, it is possible to discuss the actors and actresses considered the greatest ever. The important criterion for inclusion in this article is that the film is the "greatest" by some specific criterion or indicator — be it a critics' poll, popular poll, box offices succes, or awards. Many of these measures focus on North Americans, but those considered the greatest within their respective countries are included at the end.

None of these citations should be viewed as scientific measures however. All the surveys are flawed in one way or another. They are often influenced by vote-stacking or they survey a population with skewed demographics. Internet-based surveys have a self-selecting audience of unknown participants. The methodology of some surveys may be questionable. Sometimes (like in the case of the American Film Institute) voters were asked to select actors from a limited list of entries. The awards are also flawed in one way or another as they have been accused of populus rather then critically acclaimed, or rigged.

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  • Lucille Ball - (born August 6, 1911) is the highest ranked actress in the list of top 100 greatest comedic actors/actresses, there for has been named the greatest comedic actress of all time. [9]

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