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Nationality - For reasons of ease, I am English, but attach myself to no nation.

Religion - Atheist, but I do a lot of research into religion.

Political beliefs - Anarcho-Communism

The abandonment of all governmental systems and hierarchy is necessary for the full potential of the human race to be reached. No man should be limited to the laws of the State. The State should be destroyed and the order of life should be re-organised.

I do not believe in a radical change in the system, however. I believe that, as the Buddha said, that nothing is static and that everything changes. I do not belive that the Anarcho-Communist Age will be upon us during the time in which we now live. I do not, either, see it as a permanent system of order. I do not think that the human mind is generally ready for systems which do not currently exist, but that they are ready to move on to systems which are already in existence. As I have said before, I see these transitions as gradual and that they should not be imposed until the People are ready. An imposed system will only work if a serious long-term plan is outlined before the revolution, but it is in no way the best way.

Throughout history, dozens, even hundreds of different systems have existed. None of which are permanent. I see a cycle of the absence of laws and rules to the development of "guidelines" which later develop into concrete rules. These rules and laws are then enforced and created by a single human being claiming diminion over all, the Empire, then their collapse to the Kingdom, then the Democratic State, to Socialism and Libertarianism then Communism. Finally the People will once again create their own personal laws, starting the cycle again.

General Interests - History

I have a general interest in historical change. I want to see how things have changed over the course of human existence and see if any patterns exist which we can use to predict the future.

- Language

I enjoy hearing how other people speak, seeing how they write their own language. I am currently learning about thirty languages, but I have no wish to understand them fluently, I simply enjoy learning them, so I essentially have no set targets. I see every language as equally important in preserving the individuality of the community. Everyone should be able to use their own language as they please.

I have difficulty, though, when it comes to the question of a universal language. I understand that English is currently on the path to becoming the universal language, but hundreds of languages, generally due to the imperialism of the industrialising nations of the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, have died or are dying. I also understand, however, that languages naturally become extinct. This is why it is a difficult issue for me.

I also developed a language called Saŋ, or Sangi. I attempted to share the information about Saŋ on wikipedia, but the rules regarding entries on wikipedia prevented me from doing so, this meant that the page could only be accessed for a period of about a week. It can now be found at this address on the conlang.wikia website [1]