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Uttopic idea to improve pages dealing with CE history. Goals

  • articles should not be written to convince reader abot The Correct View
  • rather, studiying articles, reader should be able to understand different oppinions
feeling - if you understand enough, you cannot judge and blame, you just understand

Articles shoukld

  • describe all relevant POVs
  • describe historical feelings, motivation of many events was in feelings
? convention about way how to express and mark povs of national histories?
  • articles should be interlinked
  • (?)different views on one thing in one article, not every national view in separate article
thats different from normal way histories are written
  • possibly controversial edits do only after comments of other POVs are resolved on talk
  • announce major edits to broader community (create WikiProject?)
  • naming convention, "controversial words" convention? (expulsion, occupation, anexation, massacre, genocide,...)

For refference

List of historical regions of CE[edit]

(From Historical regions of Central Europe)

Aukštaičiai or Upper Lithuania (L), Lower Austria (A), Upper Austria (A), Banat (Ro, H, Sr), Bavaria (G), Bessarabia (M, U), Bohemia (Cz), Brandenburg (G), Bukovina (Ro, H, M), Galicia (P, U), Lusatia (G, P), Masovia (P), Masuria (P), Moldavia (M, Ro), Moravia (Cz), Podlachia (B, P), Podolia (U), Greater Poland (P), Lesser Poland (P), Polesie (B, P, U), Pomerania (P, G), Prussia, East Prussia (P, RF, L), West Prussia (P), Ruthenia, White Ruthenia or Belarus (B), Black Ruthenia (B), Red Ruthenia (U, P), Carpathian Ruthenia (U), Silesia, Lower Silesia (P, Cz), Upper Silesia (P, Cz), Samogitia or Lower Lithuania (L), Saxony (G), Styria (A, Sl), Transylvania (Ro), Volhynia (U) 2

New geographic names, concepts and regions[edit]

Czech-German issues

Czech-Polish issues

German-Polish issues

Polish Corridor, Freie Stadt Danzig, Province of Posen,