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Hope you had fun.

This is Wikioogle=world take over or Kyle's user page. I choose the name Wikioogle=world take over becuase 1) I'm not very creative, and 2) imagine if Google and Wikipedia were to combine into one? It just might create a super power, more powerful than the US! DUMDADADUMDADA. I'm still fairly new to this, so if I do soemthing wrong, please tell me on my talk page so I can learn to better edit Wikipedia.


Well, my name's Kyle, and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Don't feel like typing much more than that, maybe later. Well, all these fancy user boxes will describe me better than I can so look to them. (Holy crap that took a while) >>>

Articles I started[edit]

I started article's on Edible candy bra's, David Gilmours recording studio/houseboat the Astoria, Cream's album Heavy Cream, Miles Macdonell Collegiate, Frankenstrat's, No Rain (music video) and of course this one.

Articles I editied[edit]

Not so minor edits:

Most of the minor edit's by me:


Images I provided to Wikipedia.

Miles Macdonell football helmet.
A B.C. Rich Virgin Platinum Series guitar.
The Niagra Falls Hard Rock Cafe
A sunburn
A talent show

User:Wikioogle=world take over/Cool/weird pictures