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Kirk uses the power of logic to convince a computer to shutdown or self-destruct.

Kirk travels to a strange planet and encounters a weird creature.

Kirk woos a nice lady from another planet:

The Enterprise visits a planet of English-speaking people with a serious social problem.

Spock must figure out a piece of alien technology to save lives.

Powerful beings mess with the crew of the Enterprise

The Enterprise is besieged by an unfamiliar lifeform, twinkling lights that attack various areas of the human brain.

A literal battle of wills ensues when the arrogant sadistic inhabitants of Platonious orders Dr. McCoy to remain on their planet-and Kirk refuses.

An Enterprise landing party is stranded on a planet replete with inexplicable physical and biological phenomena, and a sad faced siren whose touch means instant death.

71 "WHOM GODS DESTROY" Kirk and Spock fall into the hands of Garth, the murderous leader of an inmates revolt at an intergalactic insane asylum.