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Hello! My name is Wikipedia Brown, which is based off of Encyclopedia Brown, a character in a series of children's books by Donald Sobol. I am an Indian-American with brown-colored skin who likes to contribute to Wikipedia, and so the name is even more apt! Anyways, if you'd like to chat, please leave me a message on my Talk page.

Million award logo.svgThis user won the Million Award for bringing U2 to Featured Article status.

Pages created by me[edit]

Electrostatic analyzer - Gallows (band) - Psychiatrist (game) - Simmons & Company International - Pathways to Housing - 388 Greenwich Street - Transposition Mutagenesis - Imtiaz Ali (director) - Tony Horton (exercise instructor)

Pages with major content added by me[edit]

U2 - Interstellar Boundary Explorer


Edge at post-9/11 show in New York

U2 is a Featured Article as of January 2008! I guess I'm now a member of the elite group of successful FA nominators. But then again, the word "elite" in this context might just mean "people with too much time on their hands".

I just wrote an article for Imtiaz Ali (director).

Favorite picture (and concert)[edit]

Closest I ever got to The Edge is in this picture. He's actually reaching for my friend's hand. My hand is the one on the left getting pushed out the way by this random chick who was holding her ground the whole concert. The Edge was probably avoiding me cause I was the one taking the picture with a shitty disposal Kodak camera, and the flash probably hurt his eyes. Still, probably my favorite concert (and supposedly the one that inspired Bono to write City of Blinding Lights).

Future work[edit]

Bollywood articles? Sadly, I think I've been bitten by the Bollywood bug. I might make some trips to my local library and get some books than can be cited, perhaps George Brown Tindall's America: A Narrative History, which I used at LSMSA. I'd also like to work on The Mechanical Universe page, a wonderful series that teaches fundamental physics concepts. Speaking of which I'd like to work on electron degeneracy pressure, a rather cool property of the miniscule electron stemming from something as germane as the Pauli Exclusion Principle that ends up having a huge impact on stellar physics. And also King's Quest VI would be another article that I'd love to work if I only had more time.

Favorite Articles[edit]

I think you can tell a lot about somebody by surveying a list of their favorite Wikipedia articles. My favorite articles are (usually) well-written and concern subjects that I care about:

The Wire (TV series) - Barack Obama - Precision tests of QED - Peak Oil - Technocracy movement - The Office (US) - New Orleans Saints - U2 - Large Hadron Collider - Craig Ferguson - Cornell University - Neutrino - Secular Humanism - Gene Roddenberry

Places I've Worked[edit]

I know you don't care, but I want to fill up this empty space at the bottom of my page (that's how it shows up on my laptop). Here are places I've worked:

Wal-Mart - Tyco International - Citigroup - Southwest Research Institute