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Hi! I'm Sebastián Sánchez. I'm from Resistencia, Argentina.

Most of my work from 2016 to 2017 with this account was funded by Vipul Naik.

Articles I've started[edit]

2020, August[edit]

2020, July[edit]

2020, June[edit]

2020, May[edit]

2020, April[edit]

2019, December[edit]


Malaria project[edit]

Other works on global health[edit]

Extract from here [[7]] Peter Anton Schleisner, Health care in Zimbabwe, Evacuation hospital, biomedical testing (or biomedical test), radionecrosis, Health care in The Gambia, Health care in Guinea-Bissau, sanitary science, Geomedicine, Experimental epidemiology, Descriptive epidemiology, biomarker epidemiology, Epidemiology of zoonoses, Comparative pathology, disease ecology, Activity theory of ageing, Phillipe Mouret, Platelet transfusion therapy, International Committee on Blood Clotting Factors, Cromer blood group system, Knops blood group system, Er blood group collection, FORS blood group system

To propose[edit]

Health, October 2018[edit]

Immune electron microscopy, Chimpanzee sanctuary

Other articles I created[edit]

Batch normalization, El Impenetrable National Park