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Jeet Kune Do


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I am a graduate student studying biology and pharmacology as well as organic chemistry. I am also a pilot, musician (Drums, Percussion, Guitar), and 'suspected' psychonaut. My main interest and knowledge lies in the sciences, specifically natural and life sciences including chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and medicine. I also have a strong background in music, information technology, astronomy, martial arts, and the practice of medicine.

Martial Arts[edit]

I currently practice several styles of traditional (typically asian) martial arts as well as more modern styles (i.e. Krav Maga) including: Jeet Kune Do (Concepts), Filipino Escrima/Kali, Aiki-Ju-Jit-Su, Krav Maga, Tukong Moosul, and Muay Thai. My philosophy regarding martial arts is closely related to Bruce Lee's theories as outlined in his concept of Jeet Kune Do ("Way of Intercepting the Fist"). "If you have no form, you are all form," and "Water is formless... water my friend" are both prime examples (as quoted by Bruce Lee) of the foundation of the philosophy. In my experience, no single form, style, or individual martial art is superior to any or all others, thus it stands to reason that one can learn more from studying several styles. It is for this reason that I have chosen the styles which I practice, and incorporate the most effective techniques from each of them into my own personal hybrid martial technique which I have come to refer to as "Open Circle Hand Combat" ("Solvo Orbis Communis" in Latin).

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People: Dave Matthews | Dave Matthews Band | Bruce Lee | Wonik Yi
Science: Organic Chemistry | Electrophoresis
Drugs: Cannabis | High Dose DXM Use | Jock Horror | Haze
Culture: Erowid
Martial Arts: Jeet Kune Do | Filipino Escrima / Kali | Aiki-Ju-Jit-Su | Krav Maga | Tukong Moosul | Muay Thai
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