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I've thought long and hard about WP:REALNAME. I think that openness about identity brings great rewards for a project, not least in terms of reducing wiki-vandals, but how we go about the business of WP with each other (Wikiquette). However, as I consider Wikipedia a voluntary pastime, I have to separate it from my paid and voluntary jobs, which include professionally-regulated work. Therefore, my real identity is private and will remain so for now. For the purposes of WP discussions, male pronouns are appropriate.

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This uiser contreibutes tae the Scots Wikipaedia wi his contreibutions.

I support Scots Wikipedia with my contributions.
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Did you know...?[edit]

Hydrogen disulfide Douglas of Mains Thomas Crawford of Jordanhill Glasgow Golf Club Cunningham of Drumquhassle Naviduct

Wikipedia interests[edit]

Reviewing DYK, particularly local history (of anywhere), with some science and technology
West/Central Scotland
Chemical processes and equipment
... and I have no intention of ever becoming an administrator


I'm slow at contributing, but here is a selection of the type of articles I've created:

Belt filter
Douglas of Mains
Hydrogen disulfide

SVG drawings[edit]

Scottish Coats of arms
Chemical processes and equipment


Chemical processing equipment
West/Central Scotland


The Duplication Detector can help in re-writing prose from source material.