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About Me:

Paid editor notice (4/2020-2/2021): In April, 2020, I worked for the 2020 United States Census. Due to Covid-19, we did our outreach digitally. Part of that effort is took place here on the English language wikipedia and also branching out to other wikipedias, writing about the census. We hosted a NYC 2020 Census Multilingual Edit-a-thon online on Friday, June 26th, 1-4p. I've continued my position as Wikipedian-In-Residence at Sure We Can, expanding into COVID-19 related topics. Sure We Can received a grant from NYC Health + Hospitals to providence COVID-19 outreach. We've done some of that work on wikipedia, targeting the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City article, aiming to translate it into other languages. After two Edit-a-thons, we've expanded the article from existing in 4 languages to 12. We are currently working to push the article out to at least an additional 8 wikipedia language projects. See our Meetup pages above to learn more.

Wil shows skateboard edit at WikiWed - Sept, 2019 - photo by User:Jim.henderson