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    The Skateboarding Digital History Project (SBDHP), founded in 2018 by User:wil540, is a research and publishing initiative promoting the digitization of skateboarding history. The goal of the SBDHP is to create and promote the creation of accessible skateboard history online. The project currently focuses on writing wikipedia articles and wikidata items for notable skateboarders and skateboard related items. In 2022, the SBDHP will host a skateboarding themed edit-a-thons. In October 2019, the Skateboarding Digital History Project and Wikipedia for Educators at Fordham hosted its first edit-a-thon, a Latinx-American Skateboarding themed edit-a-thon, that took place in the Bronx, New York. Articles for Jaime Reyes & Ben Sanchez were written at this edit-a-thon.

    Goals for the future

    1. Host more skateboarding themed edit-a-thons
    2. Continue uploading skate photos to Wikimedia Commons.
    3. Pursue long term goal of translating articles about skateboarding/skateboarders into other languages starting with Spanish.

    Please reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions on the talk page or you can email us at:

    Follow the SBDHP on instagram at:

    SBDHP - Suggested skateboarding articles to write[edit]

    These articles are suggested, be sure they qualify according to Wikipedia's NOTABILITY guidlines before you create a new page. Thank you.

    Article Type Sources Draft
    101 Skateboards board company No
    23 Skateboard Co. Shoe company No
    2 Fish Shoe Works Shoe company No
    43 (magazine) Skate magazine No
    540 (skateboarding) Move No
    5boro Board company No
    Aaron Meza Videographer Yes
    Adrian Lopez (skateboarder) Skater No
    Adrianne Sloboh Skater No
    Aidan Mackey Skater No
    Alana Smith (skateboarder) Skater No
    Aldrin Garcia Skater No
    Alec Majerus Skater No
    Alex Corporan Skater No
    Alex Gall Skater [1] No
    Alex Papke Photographer No
    Alexis Ramírez (skateboarder) Skater No
    Allysha Bergado Skater No
    Allen Ying Photographer [2] No
    Alphonzo Rawls Skater No
    Andrew James Peters (photographer) Photographer Yes
    Andy Howell Skater No
    Andrew James Peter Photographer No
    Anne-Sophie Julien Skater No
    Anthony Acosta Photographer [3][4][5] No
    Anthony Pappalardo Skater No
    Arianna Carmona Skater No
    Armando Roura Skater [6] No
    Arianna Gil Skater [7] No
    Asta Xin Zhang Skater [8][9] No
    Benny Maglinao Skate filmaker No
    Bill Danforth (skateboarder) Skater No
    Bluntslide Move [10] No
    Bobby Boyden Skater No
    Bobshirt Documentarian No
    Bowl (skateboarding) Obstacle type No
    Brandon Biebel Skater No
    Brandon Turner Skater No
    Brian Gaberman Photographer No
    Bryan Ridgeway Skater [11] No
    Bryce Kanights Photographer Yes
    Cadillac Wheels founded by Frank Nasworthy Wheel company No
    Carlsbad Skatepark Skatepark No
    Catharine Lyons Skater No
    Canarsie Skate Park Skatepark No
    Cario Foster Skater No
    Carlos Ribeiro (skateboarder) Skater No
    Chad Goodman Skater No
    Chris Joslin Skater No
    Chris Miller Skater No
    Chris Pastras Skater No
    Christiana Smith Skater No
    City Line Park Skatepark No
    Clyde Singleton Skater No
    Clément Le Gall Photographer Yes
    Coco Santiago Skater No
    Colin Kennedy Skater No
    Cooper Park Skatepark No
    Cyril Jackson (skateboarder) Skater No
    Dan Mancina Skater No
    Dan Pageau Skater, Filmer No
    Dan Wolfe Skater [12] No
    Daniel Kim (skateboarder) Skater No
    Daniel Shimizu Skater No
    Daniel Harold Sturt Photographer No
    Danny Garcia (skateboarder) Skater No
    Darin 'Cookiehead' Jenkins Skater No
    Darrell Stanton Skater No
    Darren Harper Skater No
    Dave Swift (photographer) Photographer Yes
    David Schlossbach Skater No
    David “Q” Occhiuzzo Skater No
    Davide Biondani Photographer Yes
    DeAndre Thebpanya Skater No
    Deathwish Skateboards Board company No
    Demarcus James Skater No
    Dennis Busenitz Skater No
    Del Mar Skate Ranch Skatepark No
    Dashawn Jordan Skater [13][14][15] No
    Devine Calloway Skater No
    DeWayne Steezus McMurry Skater, commentator on The Nine Club No
    Diamond Supply Co. Company No
    Dobie Campbell Skater No
    Dogtown Skateboards Board company No
    Doug 'Pineapple' Saladino Skater [16] No
    Drake Johnson Skater [17] No
    Drake Jones Skater [18] No
    Dreamland Skateparks Skatepark build company No
    DuFFS Shoe company No
    Ewan Bowman Videographer [19] No
    Eric “Tuma” Britton Skater [20] No
    Ethan Fowler Skater No
    Epicly later'd Skate TV Show No
    Exposure Skate Skate organization No
    Elska von Hatzfeldt Skateboarderr No
    Foundation Skateboards Board company No
    Fred Mortagne Photographer Yes
    Frankie Hill Skater No
    Freddie De Sota Skater [21] No
    Free Skateboard Magazine Magazine No
    FTC (skateshop) Skate Shop [22][23][24] No
    Flight Deck Matt Skater No
    GX1000 Skater No
    Gabe Morford Photographer No
    Gershon Mosley Skater No
    Gino Iannucci Skater No
    Giovanni Reda Photographer/Director Yes
    Grant Brittain Photographer Yes
    Greg Hunt (filmmaker) Videographer No
    Garry Scott Davis Skater No
    Gullwing Truck Company Truck company No
    Habitat skateboards Board company No
    Harold Hunter Foundation Foundation No
    Harold Ickes Playground Skatepark [25] No
    Harry Jumonji Skater No
    Heimana Reynolds Skater No
    Henry Hester Skater No
    Hilary Shanks Skater No
    Hoopla Skateboards Board company No
    Hugh Holland (photographer) Photographer No
    Ish Cepeda Skater No
    Jake Darwen Photographer No
    Jake Johnson (skateboarder) Skater No
    J. Grant Brittain Photographer No
    J. J. Byrne Playground Skatepark No
    JB Gillet Skater No
    Jaime Affoumado Skater No
    Jamaal Barber Skater No
    Jason Dennis Lijnzaat Skater No
    Jason Dill Skater No
    Jean-Jacques Briquet Skater No
    Jeff Klindt Skater No
    Jeff Ho Skater Redirect
    Jeff Pang Skater No
    Jeremy Wray Skater No
    Jesse Martinez Skater No
    Jessie Van Roechoudt Skater [26][27] No
    Jim Goodrich Photographer No
    Jim Muir (skateboarder) Skater No
    Jim Murphy (skateboarder) Skater No
    Jimmy Cao Skater No
    Jon Miner Skater No
    Jonathan Mehring Photographer No
    Jonathan Perez (skateboarder) Skater No
    Jordan Santana Skater No
    Jovontae Turner Skater No
    Julia Brueckler Skater No
    Judi Oyama Skater No
    Julien Stranger Skater No
    Justin Henry (skateboarder) Skater No
    Kane Caples Skater No
    Kanten Russell Skater No
    Kanya Spani Skater No
    Kaya Isa Skater No
    Keith Hufnagel Skater No
    Kellen James Skater No
    Kelvin Hoefler Skater No
    Ken Park (skateboarder) Skater No
    Kendra Long Skater No
    Kenny Anderson (skateboarder) Skater No
    Kensuke Sasaoka Skater No
    Kevin Metallier Skater No
    Kevin Taylor (skaterboarder) Skater No
    Kevin Thatcher First editor of Thrasher
    Kevin White (skateboarder) Skater No
    Keyaki Ike Skater No
    Kisa Nakamura Skater No
    Kim Cespedes Skater No
    Kokona Hiraki Skater No
    Larry Bertlemann Skater No
    Laura Thornhill Caswell Skater No
    Lavar McBride Skater No
    Leandre Sanders Skater No
    Lem Villemin Skater No
    Lillian Erickson Skater No
    Lilly Stoephasius Skater No
    Lincoln City Skatepark Skatepark No
    Lou Sarowsky Skater & Artist No
    Louie Barletta Skater No
    Lowcard Mag Magazine No
    Lower Bobs Skatepark Skatepark No
    Luan Oliveira Skater No
    Lucien Clarke Skater No
    Mami Tezuka Skater No
    Marc "Shockus" Delellis Skater [28] No
    Mark Whiteley Skater No
    Mark "Red" Scott Skater, Skatepark builder [29][30] No
    Mason Silva Skater No
    Matt Hensley (skateboarder) Skater No
    Meow Skateboards Skate company
    Michelle Pezel Skate Shop owner No
    Mike Blabac (photographer) Photographer No
    Mike Maldonado Skater No
    Mike Manzoori Skater No
    Mike O’Meally Photographer No
    Mike Ternasky Skater No
    Mikey Alfred Skater No
    Mickey Reyes Skater
    Miles Silvas Skater No
    Minna Stess Skater No
    Mimi Knoop Skater No
    Misugu Okamoto Skater No
    Monster Skateboard Magazine Skate Magazine No
    Momiji Nishiya Skater No
    Morro Bay Skateboard Museum Museum No
    Moses Itkonen Skater No
    Myquel Haddox Skater No
    Mörizen Föche Photographer No
    Nam-Chi Van Photographer No
    Nanaka Fujisawa Skater No
    Nassim Guammaz Skater No
    NBD Archive Skate Historian No
    Nigel Jones (skateboarder) Skater No
    Nora Vasconcellos Skater No
    Ocean Howell Skater No
    Open Road Skatepark Skater No
    Olga Aguilar Skater No
    Oscar Jordan Skater No
    Paris Laurenti Skater No
    Patrick O'Dell Filmmaker No
    Pattie Hoffman Skater No
    Paulo Diaz (skateboarder) Skater No
    Peanut Brown Skater No
    Pedro Delfino Skater No
    Peter Hewitt (skateboarder) Skater No
    Pevi Permana Putra Skater No
    Pierre André Senizergues Skater No
    Pine Ridge Reservation Skatepark Skater No
    Powerslide (skateboarding) Move No
    Quartersnacks Online skate mag No
    Quell skateboarding Skate Magazine No
    Quim Cardona Skater No
    Ray Zimmerman Photographer No
    RB Umali Videographer No
    Ray “Bones” Rodriguez Skater No
    Ray Underhill Skater
    RDS Skate Supply Company No
    Rhino (photographer) Photographer No
    Rick McCrank Skater No
    Rico Gatson Skater No
    Rob Welsh Skater No
    Robert E. Venable Park Skatepark No
    Robbie Gangemi Skater No
    Rockaway Beach Skate Park Skatepark No
    Rodney Torres Skater No
    Rodrigo Teixeira (skateboarder) Skater No
    Roger Browne (skateboarder) Skater No
    Roger Ferrero Photographer No
    Rookie Skateboards Skate company
    Ruby Lilley Skater No
    Ruby Trew Skater No
    Rudy Johnson (skateboarder) Skater No
    Ryan "Beagle" Ewing Filmmaker & Skater No
    Ryan Clements Skater & community organizer
    Ryan Gee Photographer No
    Ryan Garshell Photographer No
    SKATEISM Skate Org No
    SoMa West Skatepark Skatepark No
    Saecha Clarke Skater No
    Sam Ashley Photographer No
    Sam Muller Photographer No
    Sam Newman (filmmaker) Filmmaker No
    Sammy Baca Skater No
    Sanggoe Darma Tanjung Skater No
    Sarah Huston Skater No
    Savier Footwear Shoe company No
    Sean Pablo Skater No
    Sean Young (skateboarder) Skater No
    Sem Rubio Photographer No
    Serge Trudnowski Skater No
    Sgt. William Dougherty Playground Skatepark No
    Shamil Randle Skater No
    Shawn Mandoli Skater No
    Skateboarding history History No
    Skateboarding Hall of Fame History No
    Skateboard World (magazine) Magazine No
    Skatevideosite Skate website No
    Skate Moss Skater No
    Skately Skate website No
    Skull Skates Skateboards Skate Company No
    Skin Phillips Skater No
    Sonja Catalano CASL leader - skate contest host No
    Spencer Semien Skater No
    Steve Olson Skater No
    Stephanie Battieste Skater No
    Steve Ortega Skater No
    St. Mary's Playground Skatepark No
    Sunset carwash Skatespot No
    Tafari Whitter Skater No
    Taylor Kirby Skater No
    Thalente Biyela Skater No
    The Boardr Skate Company No
    The Chrome Ball Incident - Eric Swisher, aka Chops Historian No
    Think Skateboards Skater No
    Tiago Lemos (skateboarder) Skater No
    Tim Dowling (filmmaker) Filmmaker No
    Tim Barber Photographer No
    Tobin Yelland Skater No
    Toe Drag Skate move No
    Tom Knox (skateboarder) Skater No
    Tommy Sandoval Skater No
    Tyrone Olson Skater [31] No
    Tyson Peterson Skater [32] No
    Una Farrar Skater No
    Unity (skate collective) Skate collective [33][34] No
    Vincent Touzery Skater No
    Village Psychic Skate Magazine No
    Vicki Vickers Skater No
    Wade Speyer Skater [35] No
    William Sharp (photographer) Photographer No
    William Weiss aka Bill Weiss (skateboarder) Founder of Madness skateboards [36] No
    Willy Santos Skater No
    Wing Ko Photographer [37] No
    WJ Skatepark Skatepark
    Yumeka Oda Skater No
    Yuri Shibuya Skater No
    Zhang Xin (skateboarder) Skater No
    Zorah Olivia Photographer No

    SBDHP - Suggested skateboarding articles to edit & improve[edit]

    These articles are suggested based on notifications posted in them by other editors. Please double check the notifications before making edits.

    Article to improve Type Sources
    Skate shoe Skate product
    Aerial (skateboarding) Trick list
    List of professional skateboarders Skater list
    Shiloh Greathouse Skater
    Ray Barbee Skater
    Leo Baker (skateboarder) Skater
    Kareem Campbell Skater
    Ron Chatman Skater
    Harold Hunter Skater
    Nyjah Huston Skater
    Ishod Wair Skater
    Christian Hosoi Skater
    Eric Koston Skater
    Daewon Song Skater
    Tony Alva Skater
    Brujas (skate crew) Skater
    Bob Burnquist Skater
    Eddie Elguera Skater
    Vanessa Torres Skater
    Leo Baker Skater
    Elissa Steamer Skater
    Vanessa Torres Skater
    Tod Swank Skater

    SBDHP - Skateboarding articles written[edit]

    Article Stance Type Published date Author
    Alex Olson Goofy Skateboarder 2018-12-26 Wil540
    Alexis Sablone Goofy Skateboarder 2019-01-10 Wil540
    Aori Nishimura Regular Skateboarder 2019-05-27 Wil540
    Atiba Jefferson Photographer 2019-10-23 Wil540
    Aurélien Giraud Goofy Skateboarder 2019-08-01 Wil540
    Beatrice Domond Regular Skateboarder 2019-03-14 Wil540
    Ben Sanchez Regular Skateboarder 2019-10-08 DirtClod
    Bobby Puleo Regular Skateboarder 2019-10-16 Wil540
    Boo Johnson Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-14 Wil540
    Breana Geering Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-19 Wil540
    Briana King Goofy Skateboarder 2019-06-21 Wil540
    Bryce Wettstein Regular Skateboarder 2019-03-20 Wil540
    Cher Strauberry Goofy Skateboarder 2019-10-23 Wil540
    Coleman Playground Skate park 2019-01-03 Wil540
    Danny Supa Goofy Skateboarder 2019-09-13 Wil540
    El Sereno Skatepark Skate park 2019-07-07 Wil540
    Far Rockaway Skate Park Skate park 2019-11-02 Wil540
    Funa Nakayama Regular Skateboarder 2019-05-26 Wil540
    Golconda Skate Park Skate park 2019-11-24 Wil540
    Hayley Wilson Goofy Skateboarder 2019-05-27 Wil540
    Hill bomb Move 2019-10-23 Wil540
    IPath Footwear Shoe company 2019-02-01 Wil540
    Jaime Reyes (skateboarder) Goofy Skateboarder 2019-10-08 Wil540
    Jahmal Williams Regular Skateboarder 2020-03-03 Wil540
    Jake Phelps Regular Magazine editor 2019-03-15 Wil540
    Jamie Foy Regular Skateboarder 2019-08-04 Wil540
    Jenn Soto Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-20 Wil540
    Joe Brook Photographer 2019-10-15 Wil540
    Jordyn Barratt Regular Skateboarder 2019-03-20 Wil540
    Kader Sylla Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-25 Wil540
    Karl Watson Regular Skateboarder 2019-03-14 Wil540
    Lance Dawes Photographer / Editor 2019-11-18 Wil540
    List of skateboarding magazines List 2019-06-21 Wil540
    Look Back Library Historian 2019-07-03 Wil540
    Louie Lopez Regular Skateboarder 2019-06-21 Wil540
    Mariah Duran Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-20 Wil540
    Mark Suciu Goofy Skateboarder 2019-10-22 Wil540
    Martin Maher (Parks Commissioner) Skateboard Advocate 2019-11-24 Wil540
    Martinez Playground Skatepark 2020-01-06 Wil540
    Maurio McCoy Goofy Skateboarder 2019-08-01 Wil540
    Millennium Skate Park Skatepark 2019-10-30 Wil540
    Milton Martinez Goofy Skateboarder 2019-12-07 Wil540
    Neil Blender Goofy Skateboarder 2019-09-13 Wil540
    Nicole Hause Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-20 Wil540
    Pablo Ramirez (skateboarder) Regular Skateboarder 2019-04-24 Wil540
    Pamela Rosa Regular Skateboarder 2019-05-26 Wil540
    Phil Shao Goofy Skateboarder 2019-10-13 Wil540
    Rachelle Vinberg Regular Skateboarder 2019-10-24 Wil540
    Rayssa Leal Goofy Skateboarder 2019-05-26 Wil540
    Rip City Skates Skate shop 2019-12-01 Wil540
    River Avenue Skate Park Skatepark 2019-11-24 Wil540
    Riverside Skatepark Skatepark 2020-01-03 Ianjohnclarke
    Ron Allen (skateboarder) Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-18 Wil540
    Ron Chatman Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-14 Wil540
    Sage Elsesser Regular Skateboarder 2019-06-21 Wil540
    Sal Barbier Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-29 Wil540
    Samarria Brevard Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-14 Wil540
    Sean Greene Regular Skateboarder 2019-07-17 Wil540
    Sean Sheffey Skateboarder Wil540
    Skate Jawn Skate Magazine 2019-11-16 Wil540
    Skate magazine Skate Magazine 2019-07-03 Wil540
    Skate shop Skate shop 2019-02-13 Wil540
    Skateparks in New York City Skatepark 2019-01-03 Wil540
    Sky Brown Goofy Skateboarder 2020-03-21 Joseph2302
    Slap (magazine) Skate Magazine 2019-10-13 Wil540
    Sora Shirai Skateboarder 2019-08-01 Wil540
    Steve Rodriguez (skateboarder) Goofy Skateboarder 2019-06-21 Wil540
    Steve Steadham Regular Skateboarder 2020-02-11 Wil540
    Ted Barrow Skateboarder/Historian 2019-10-22 Wil540
    Theotis Beasley Goofy Skateboarder 2019-03-12 Wil540
    Tyshawn Jones Regular Skateboarder 2018-12-27 Wil540
    USA Skateboarding National Team Skateteboarding Team 2019-03-20 Wil540
    Vincent Milou Skateboarder 2019-08-01 Wil540
    Wallride Moves 2019-01-18 Wil540
    William Strobeck Skateboarder 2019-03-18 Wil540
    Yuto Horigome (skateboarder) Goofy Skateboarder 2019-08-01 Wil540
    Zion Wright Regular Skateboarder 2019-03-14 Wil540
    Fordham Latinx 2019 editathon


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