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Origin Albury-Wodonga, Australia.
Genres Indie pop
Years active 2011–present

Lee’Mon is a controversial indie pop band from Albury-Wodonga on the NSW-VIC border in Australia. There is some mystery surrounding the group, their makeup and their members. They have been described as Adventurous, Mysterious and intriguing[1]. They cite Grace Jones, Elvis Presley and David Bowie[2] as their main musical influences.

The group’s front man ‘Liam Willoughby’ cited the reasons for this ambiguousness as responding to the over availability of information explaining that “There’s no generic bio saying ‘we grew up here ‘ or ‘we went to that school there’, its purely art. Like us or hate us, people’s opinions of us are based on the music and that’s the way it should be!”[2] Lee’Mon first appeared on Triple J ’s Home & Hosed program In October of 2011, with a song called ‘One Man in the Woods.’, which received national recognition. [3]The song had been described as “fluid & sophisticated” but it was most notable for its unique sound, being described as “a really interesting song mixing a lot of different instruments together.”[4] in 2012 Lee’Mon received an honourable mention in the international “Unsigned Only” songwriting competition alongside Melbourne’s Skipping Girl Vinegar & Ballarat’s Hunting Grounds, [5] they were also a semi-finalist in the “International Songwriting Competition”. In that same year Lee’Mon began working on their first record with prominent Melbourne based producer Paul ‘Woody’ Annison (Children Collide, Hunting Grounds).

By mid 2012 Lee’Mon had released their first single ‘Albury’ through Melbourne indie Label ‘redcatsounds’ (Hunting Grounds, Young Revelry & Daniel Lee Kendall.) and MGM Distribution. The song described as “Moody” [6] was accompanied by a rather sinister video which received wide attention and featured in several film festivals around the world including the ITSA Film Festival in California, the BBC Music Video Festival in the UK, the Blue Mountains Film Festival in Sydney and is currently a semi-finalist in the music video category of the International Songwriting Competition[7]. It was also broadcast on National Television in Australia including the ABC TV program Rage.[8]. The video did not feature any of the band members which further increased the mystery surrounding the group.

The song received national and international airplay, but the single was most noted for Liam’s strong Australian accent which divided many opinions[9].


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