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About Me

By trade, I'm a geologist, a physicist, and a planetary scientist. I am professionally interested in all the inner planets and their intrepid explorers, but I am probably most qualified to say something about Mars, remote sensing, and earth science.

I was trained in classical piano and percussion, but these days just try to play guitar and sing at the same time. I enjoy salsa and lindy hop, books and indie music, surfing and ultimate frisbee. Currently I am up to my elbows in helping to spruce up dance topics like lindy hop and its offshoots.

I have a website that I shamelessly promote.

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On Wikipedia

I believe in the anonymity of Wikipedia and the equality of all editors. I am always more interested in the spirit of collaboration than forcing my own points into an article. I think that mutual understanding is far more powerful than agreement.

I like improving the style and prose of articles. Generally this means making suggestions at WP:Peer Review. My favorite edit summary phrase is "copy edit" but my favorite part of Wikipedia is still just reading the information. I am opposed to destroying creativity in writing for the sake of arbitrary grammar rules (see here).

Someday I'd like to: