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Triangle.TrigArea.svgThis user likes geometry.

my user page

I am interested in logic and (at the moment) in hyperbolic geometry.

To email me ---> Special:EmailUser/WillemienH

(I just don't like redlinks)


handy pages:

- Wikipedia:Help desk


random notes[edit]

pages to update[edit]


Have a look at:

Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English

for pages to translate


Category:Wikipedia child protection

escalating methods:[edit]

(from a the harassment consulation survey 2015)

  • Escalating to an Arbitration Committee
  • Consulting with another community member
  • Opening a discussion on the Village Pump / Community discussion board
  • Contacting the Community Advocacy Team at the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Opening a discussion on Meta

- teahouse (added my self)