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As a teenager, just a few things rule my life. These are...

Liverpool F.C.[edit]

Shankly Gates.jpg The true message of lfc!!!

I have supported Liverpool since I was three because I am a Scouser so you have to choose - red or blue! I have a season ticket and was at Istanbul when they owned AC Milan in 2005! As it says in my user boxes, I also support Barnsley, Celtic and Bayern Munich. I can do this, because it is very rare that they play Liverpool. I was disgusted when the Reds were knocked out of the FA Cup by the Tykes! Just remember - You'll Never Walk Alone.

Formula One[edit]

Formula one.jpg Schumi leads (as always) USGP03. The race where my hero first led a lap!

I have watched every single GP since 1997 on the telly, but that is the whole ITV era so I am looking forward to seeing how the beeb do it! I worship Jenson Button and am really sad that Honda have gone bust, because it has ruined his career. I attended my first grand prix in 2000 - the British. DC won in the wet and Jense came 5th in his first home GP! I was thrilled! Lewis Hamilton is a great driver, but he is too perfect. Why are more Scousers not racing drivers? They need someone like Carra or Stevie G to give the sport some life!


Quadriga-verleihung-rr-02.jpg Jimmy Wales rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The worlds best source of information, not only allows me to find things out about my two other favourite things, but lets me tell other people about them too! Perfect...

Places I've Been[edit]

Places I've Lived in: England
Places I've Spent 7 days or more in: Wales Scotland United States France
Places I've Visited for 1 to 6 days: Germany
Places I've Visited for up to 24 hours/passed through: Belgium
US States I've Visited: Maine Massachusetts
Places I want to visit: Australia Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland Nepal Argentina Austria Bahrain Bahrain Canada China Hungary Italy Japan Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Monaco Morocco Netherlands Portugal San Marino Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Vatican City Jamaica
US States I want to visit: Vermont Minnesota Indiana Nevada New York (state) Michigan Arizona Florida California Texas Mississippi
Idea and layout stolen from: via Parsecboy via Kjet via Errabee via Sebastiankessel via White Cat via Guettarda via Ëzhiki via Petri Krohn

My All-Time Football XIs[edit]

I've put these on, mostly because I disagree with the ones that Dudesleeper has on his page!

Thanks to him for the idea and template.

World XI

 SpainGK A. Zubizarreta  |  BrazilRB Cafu  |  FranceCB L. Thuram  |  ItalyCB F. Cannavaro  |  ArgentinaLB J. Zanetti  |  EnglandRM D. Beckham  |  GermanyCM L. Matthäus  |  FranceCM M. Desailly  |  FranceLM Z. Zidane  |  FranceFW T. Henry  |  GermanyFW J. Klinsmann  |

Liverpool F.C. XI

 EnglandGK R. Clemence  |  EnglandRB P. Neal  |  EnglandCB E. Hughes  |  EnglandCB J. Carragher  |  EnglandLB T. Smith  |  EnglandRM I. Callaghan  |  EnglandCM S. Gerrard  |  Republic of IrelandCM R. Whelan  |  Republic of IrelandLM S. Heighway  |  WalesFW I. Rush  |  ScotlandFW B. Liddell  |  ScotlandManager B. Shankly  

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Labrador Retrievers.
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Indian Food
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Italian cuisine
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the Three Lions -
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Barnsley Football Club
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Celtic FC
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