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William John Grimes is a photographer living in the state of Virginia. Grimes photographs short-line railroads in Virginia and North Carolina. His photography collection includes railroads such as the Bay Coast Railroad, Buckingham Branch Railroad, Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad, Commonwealth Railway, Eastern Shore Railroad, Fort Eustis Military Railroad, Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line, North Carolina and Virginia Railroad, and Shenandoah Valley Railroad.

William was born at RAF Upper Heyford in England. He moved to Virginia at an early age, but liked trains both British and American. His father's hobby was photography, so William was encouraged to photograph trains instead of just watching them. In 2003 he started to publish photos on railroad photography websites. In May 2007 the City of Suffolk, Virginia, published four of William's photos in a grade crossing impact saftey report. In 2010 another photo was published in a book about Plymouth Industrial Locomotives.

William has many hobbies. He plays the harmonica and also enjoys drawing, photography and classic rock. His favorite groups are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and The Who. Who's Next? William builds both N scale and HO scale model trains and attends the Chesapeake Bay & Western model railroad club. While trains are a big part of his hobbies lightships, mainly the Portsmouth, and cargo planes like the C123 Provider has become a subject of intrest. He is also an active member at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Hampton, Virginia. William is a NOCTI certified welder but works as an Engineer for the U.S. Army Railroad.

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