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I love Wikipedia!

It doesn't pay very well :-) but it is a great way to collaborate with others on research on a topic, especially which you try to specialize and stay current in just two or three areas like I do. When you visit a page, don't forget to check out its Talk page too. Sometimes interesting angles are buried there which you should not take as fact (that is what the main namespace is for, hopefully) but as tangents to explore for further research.

I have been here since mid-2005, on and off, but it is really only this year that I have had time to be active in a serious way. If you are new here, my advice is: Stick around, and you'll get "the bug!"

Email me:

Click on the link in the toolbox on the left to send an email. I even think that I may have a PGP key lying around somewhere although I don't use it much unless requested. Or just post on my Talk page...

Sister cities

If you want your town or city to hook up with a similar sized town somewhere else then please let me know. I have been involved in setting up sister city relationships for nearly four years now, as a hobby. It is a good way to build peace and cultural understanding.

Main article: Sister cities

Important article

The following article by a Wikipedia co-founder makes some very important points about trolls and how to attract and keep experts, in order to ensure a higher quality for the articles. Lots of food for thought and very good suggestions.

Read the article: Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism


Am mostly interested in Montenegro's independence from Serbia. Their parliament approved a referendum which was held on May 21st and 55.3% voted for independence, just over the 55% the referendum required to succeed.

Main article: Montenegro


Not currently active in the Kosovo groups, but I would like to. Just don't know if I can stay neutral because it is not very democratic how their independence is imposed and micromanaged from the outside. The Serbs are not running the place but neither are the Albanians. It is a protectorate if ever there was one. They don't even have their Constitution in any of their own languages yet, for crying out loud. (It is only available in English).

Main article: Kosovo


Lots of half-truths floating around out there about Transnistria (PMR, as per its official name) and some of it even finding its way into Wikipedia. A slanted, misleading point of view is good for the factions on either side, but it doesn't help the outsider who is better served by an objective and factually based treatise.

Main article: Transnistria

Kudos to users Mauco and TSO1D:
"[off_topic]You two currently represent a model group of wikipedians, bringing NPOV to what was previously an almost hopeless article with reasonable dialogue, while approaching the issue from opposite sides - something I thought as impossible without bickering and pointless revert wars - you know that? :) [/off_topic] Illythr 00:30, 18 May 2006 (UTC) "[1]

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