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[[File:Wills Jojo|thumbnail|At Google Affices in Nairobi]] Born on 25/11/1988, Wills Jojo is a native black African from an East Africa country [Uganda]and a Muganda by tribe. His Parents are The Great Mateega Wills Edwards and Nakiberu Milly Wills. He grew up from Bulaga [ 9miles ] on Kampala - Mityana road.

Wills Jojo attended his primary education from Bbira C.o.U Primary School 1994 - 2001, High School from Kikaaya College School 2002-2007. He later joined HOGESCHOOL-ROTERDAM where he acquired a diploma in Information Technology.

Wills Jojo posses as the Co. Founder and President of an East African registered company in his names Willsjojo Incorp

He also owns these 2 usefull blogs;



This guy no longer works with Google officially though trusted sources say that he might be one of the Anon-Regime [ A Chain of international hackers ] He is an IT Geek who can make a computer talk/do anything he likes. His Company Wills Jojo Incorporation is currently working in East Africa [ Uganda , Kanya , Tanzania ] with a group of more than 10 well Talented/Skilled IT professionals.