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Hello im Willski72 and my grasp of technology is limited!

Being sad i focus mainly on history and politics, specifically British, but i will delve into others if im feeling brave and up to the challenge! I mainly comment rather than edit because im not quite sure what im doing, in this way i get the point across without ruining anything!

Just dabbled with the "signature" setting. I think i'll steer clear of things that complicated from now on!

Suppossedly i have commented over 600 times! A small victory on the long road to nowhere!


Im British, English and relatively proud to be (which may answer a lot of things!)

I wont tell you how old i am but i will tell you that the 72 on Willski72 has absolutely no relevance whatsoever!

Im a certified Lancashire lad! (you may need to be British to know were that is!)

Im a big fan of comedy, classic and modern. For example

'Dad's Army' 'Red Dwarf' 'Monty Python' 'That Mitchell and Webb Look' 'Family Guy' and many more!

I love Britain's history and want it preserved for the future.

On delving deep into the philosophical mindset i have decided that an absolute monarch is the best type of dictator. Bit random i know...

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