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The Hallelujah Diet, also known as The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, is one of the more popular biblically-based diets. It was developed by Rev. George Malkmus, Lit. D. in the 1970s from a dietary regemin he was taught by fellow pastor Lester Roloff based on a strict, all-natural diet that originated from the Bible in Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 29.[1] The diet in its current form focuses on health and nutrition from a biblical standpoint. It follows vegan principles and consists of living (raw) foods, juices, and distilled remineralized water. A daily ratio of 85% raw and 15% cooked foods is followed. The lifestyle associated with the diet promotes exercise, proper cleansing, adequate rest, spiritual well-being, sufficient amounts of sunshine, and the elimination of stress.[2]

The Hallelujah Acres Healthy Foods Pyramid[edit]

File:The Hallelujah Acres Healthy Foods Pyramid.png
This is a copy of the tree found in George Malkmus book God's way to Ultimate Health on page 91. Note: Some minor changes were made to keep this up to date.

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