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Hello and welcome to my page![edit]

I was born and grew up in the Delta river land, almost in the end of Kien Giang province in Vietnam. I love this beautiful life, the childhood in my countryside, the gentle horizon which was peacefully beautiful in my childhood. I have spent some hard time in my life and now feel ready to encounter any obstacle that's coming to me. I always smile to the worldly issues. I don't favour the good neither do I hate the bad. To me, those are quite normal and that is the way human is. I never commend someone for his good and neither blaspheme for his bad because to me, human is supposed to have those things, either good or bad doings, this is the only point human is different from the other animal.

I was born in Vietnam and am living in Vietnam, Binh Duong province which is best known for its industrial development. I am just a normal person, friendly and social. I am most interested in internet and spend my time the most for it. I am also fond of ghost story and paranormal activity.

Conception of life[edit]

I believe the that there is the existence of God in this world, Law of cause and consequence. God

Evidence of God's existence[edit]

You will be surprised when finding these unbelievable facts I am going to tell you. Human is absolutely not the Creator of this world but just the Operator for the life, and the consequence of the operation may result as a tragedy or happiness, it depends to how it is operated.