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There is no Cabal
Unified login: WilyD is the unique login of this user for all public Wikimedia projects.

I'm some guy what writes articles and does administrative stuff (i.e. I'm an author, editor and administrator.) If you need some of those things done, ask.

Since people often seem to wonder, I'm not open to recall. I do, however, recognise the authority of the community to de-admin me without my consent. Make of that what you will.

Pages I'm Working On:
Americas * Rhinoceros Party of Canada (1963–1993) * Kyutaro Abiko * Toronto Women's Bookstore
Pages I've Created:
Links I might want for nothing in particular:
Subpages of my userpage:

Category:Rouge admins

Given my ultimate employer, and job, I'm probably always engaged in paid editing. Now you know!