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Aurora Seagar was a circuit rider in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Seagar was born in Simsbury, Connecticut on 21st February, 1795. He was the third son of Micha Seagar.[1] In December of 1809, he was sent to Hartford Grammar School, where he remained until May of 1811. Afterwards, he obtained a job as a teacher at a school in Phelps, New York. There he converted to Methodism on 21st February, 1815.[2]

Seagar received a licence to exhort on 8th December, 1816.[3] This was followed by a licence to preach on 20th September, 1817. In May of 1818, he was accepted on trial as a circuit rider. He was assigned to the Clarence circuit.[4] During that time he was struck by a paralytic illness, resulting in medical confinement for two weeks. Owing to his illness, in 1819 he was assigned to the Montreal circuit in Lower Canada, where he was not required to do any horseback riding.[5] He arrived in Montreal on 31st July, and took up lodging three miles outside of town. By October, his health had recovered to the point where he spent most of the day working, but it soon after took a turn for the worse, and he died on 21st December, leaving Montreal without an Episcopal preacher that year.[6] Despite the loss of a preacher for half the year, the total membership of the Episcopal church in Montreal remained unchanged that year.[7]


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