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This is my old main page.
Shight! It's the Wind Fish!

Welcome to WindFish's userpage. I used to work on Wikipedia under a different user account. A lot of the articles I worked on, linked below, were done in my previous account.

I am 15 years old, male and Australian. Need I say more? Yes. I like video games, HipHop and the Internet and I dislike pretty much everything else because I'm a teenager; woe, woe!

In terms of video games, I support Nintendo; their cause is just! I like their main franchises: Pokémon, Mario, Zelda (hence the WindFish moniker), Metroid and other miscellaneous games as well as spinoffs (e.g. Mario Kart). Super Smash Bros. Melee rules, too.

In terms of HipHop, I listen to a range of artists, both mainstream and underground. Sometimes I buy music, sometimes I download it. CDs are so expensive in Australia, so I like to buy CDs from Some HipHop artists I listen to include, but are not limited to: Jurassic 5, Daniel Dumile, Immortal Technique, Gorillaz, KRS-One and many other similar artists.

In terms of the Internet, I like many websites. I spend most of my time on Wikipedia and I tend to visit other sites to check for updates, such as, and The Best Page in the Universe. I am also a moderator of a somewhat-popular Pokémon forum, which my friend operates. I used to have a Pokémon website myself, but I closed it because a) I felt it was redundant; and b) my host, PokéValley, closed down!

I have great knowledge of HTML and CSS; although with CSS, I don't use too many advanced techniques, as I usually don't require them; I do, however, know virtually every property of each element. HTML is simple, and I know pretty much every function that is actually needed -- there are some obscure HTML tags which I don't need to know; what's important is that I know how to make tables without the use of a WYSIWYG editor.


My previous account was created on 25 June, 2005. This account was created on 7 September, 2005.

I live in Australia. It's warm here, most usually.

My school's IP address is under this user. Boo, I can't edit at school.




This page has been vandalised a total of 2 times.

Useful links[edit]

New pages - Deletion procedure

Articles (of clothing?)[edit]

Here are some articles I have contributed to significantly, nominated for deletion, etc.

Created by me[edit]

Peakhurst, New South Wales - Masters of Illusion (album) - Snot rocket - Peakhurst Public School - Color scheme - Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty - 40 Hour Famine - Binary Star (rap) - Tonedeff - Leaf litter

Significant contributions[edit]

Lugarno - Bludger - Rapping - Rising Tied - Kill-stealing - Twonk - Power in Numbers - Furious D

Nominated for deletion[edit]

Dark Gems - Arielle - Young Social Entrepreneur - Hampstead ponds

Pocket Monsters[edit]

I like video games. I like the Pokémon RPGs on Game Boy. I like helping out the Pokémon Adoption Centre and the Pokémon Collaborative Project.

De-stubbified Pokémon species articles[edit]

Cloyster - Pidgeot - Exeggutor - Masquerain - Volbeat - Omastar - Muk - Skarmory - Dusclops - Nosepass - Cacturne - Lanturn - Elekid - Ledian - Shelgon - Hypno - Dratini - Mawile - Electrode - Camerupt - Marowak - Pinsir - Shellder - Granbull - Quagsire - Remoraid - Aron - Huntail - Beldum - Crawdaunt - Seaking - Sunflora - Grumpig

Re-worked Pokémon species articles[edit]

Poliwag - Charizard - Trapinch - Gloom - Golduck - Poliwhirl - Abra - Aerodactyl - Magcargo


For expanding so many articles, I give you this poké-barnstar. Almafeta 10:48, 13 August 2005 (UTC)
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