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I'm a right wing nut, in the sense given by the following conception of "left" and "right" in U.S. politics:

  • the worldview of the Left, which says
    1. that people cannot be trusted with control over their own lives and
    2. that government must take over more and more of the freedoms they once enjoyed; and
  • the worldview of the Right, which believes positively that society works best when people are free:
    1. free to make their own choices,
    2. spend their own money, and
    3. live their own lives without coercive government intrusion.

Note that the definitions of left and right given above may not correspond to Liberal and Conservative. Liberals exalt choice, for example, and Conservatives advocate "control" and limitations on personal "freedom". Politics is not always cut and dried.

Policy tips[edit]

Is "advancing a point of view" the same as "Wikipedia:POV pushing"?

  • Arbitration_policy/Past_decisions: It is inappropriate to remove blocks of well-referenced information which is germane to the subject from articles on the grounds that the information advances a point of view. Wikipedia's NPOV policy contemplates inclusion of all significant points of view.

I did a google search of (as kindly suggested by KillerChihuahua) but found no policy or guideline on "POV pushing". Here's a quote from a user-warning template:

  • ...articles must represent each outside view fairly and proportionally, but not present any single view as true. Your edits appear to violate this principle and introduce bias to the article.
The policy is WP:NPOV, apologies for being unclear. KillerChihuahua?!? 19:31, 9 August 2006 (UTC)