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Pages I've Created[edit]

These are pages I have authored, in descending order of earliest creation:

Beer Logo Gallery[edit]

This is a gallery of microbrewery company logos that I have uploaded to Wikimedia.

What I'm Working On[edit]

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To Do[edit]

  • Operation Chettyford "does not cite any references or sources."
    • searched name on Gogle Books and found that the entire text of the article (3 sentences) was copied directly from "Allies: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases", page 585. Original source is the ambigiuously titled "Weapons Technology".
      • Modify the text and make the proper citations so that the article meets standards. There are several other mentions of Operation Chettyford found via Google Books, which hopefully will provide more details to add to the article.
  • Silica gel
    • replace main photo with one from wikimedia commons -- maybe this one? [1]
    • add "more media on Wikimedia Commons" template to the bottom
  • Kinetic bombardment - In Science Fiction -- needs cleanup
    • at least 2 of the 3 external links are duplicated in the reference section; remove the external links
    • No mention in the "In Science Fiction" section of #12 of Global Frequency and the theories therein
      • apparently there were a ton of examples in this section that were deleted previously -- including the Global Frequency example
        • people are starting to repopulate this section; pull the old section from the changelog and integrate any new examples? post on the Discussion page about it?
  • M20 recoilless rifle
    • fix this sentence: "Its shaped charge warhead, also known as the HEAT, was capable of penetrating 100 mm of armor."
    • clean up talk page, look for references to the discussed topic (use of M20 by US forest/park service)
    • has two photos not used in the article, one of which is a good wartime shot of Ethiopian soldiers in Korea in 1951. At least add this photo, possibly replace the Fort Nelson one with it.
    • look for appropriate gvt weblinks for manual references, embed references in text
    • put in a "Weapon Infobox" like the one on the M18 recoilless rifle page
  • Luna programme -- modify name of wikilink in all 3 below?
    • Luna 15, Luna 20 -- using the Luna 16 image
    • Luna 24 -- needs picture; use the same one as 16 and 20?
      • the picture is labelled Luna 16; is it only of 16? If so, remove it from 20 and find appropriate pics for 20 and 24
  • Entomophagy -- the 'dead' wikilink to "bamboo worm" should go to "Omphisa fuscidentalis" (which doesn't appear to exist; maybe there is a subsection of Omphisa that would be sufficient to link to)
  • Kosmos 419 -- last paragraph is quoted verbatim from NASA's NSSDC page (which is referenced); reword it.
  • Citizen science -- update & reorganize the "Examples" section;
    • bulleted list with brief descriptions? multi-column bulleted list with no descriptions?
  • Erwin König -- add more definitive references proving his lack of existence
    • [2] shows lack of sources
    • [3] thorough debunking showing lack of German records for anyone remotely resembling the König character
  • Fu Ling -- needs Taxobox and mycomorphbox
  • Mars 3 -- need to fix the "gunpowder engines" phrase discussed on the Talk page.

Cross Linking Needed[edit]

Needs Page Creation[edit]

  • Closed ecological system mentions BIOS-1, BIOS-2, and BIOS-3
    • Joseph I. Gitelson and the Bios-3 project.
      • From the abstract: " Beginning in 1965, work in the Soviet Union was carried out in the Department of Biophysics of the Institute of Physics. Two systems were built, Bios-1 and Bios-2, in which photosynthesis of Chlorella produced enough oxygen for at least one human being. In 1972, Bios-3 was built to replace Chlorella with more edible crops."
    • find info about the first two projects and create pages for them
      • if there is not enough info about them to merit a page, merge the info into the BIOS-3 page, rename it to something like "BIOS Project", and modify the closed ecological system page to reflect the changes
    • A potential source for the BIOS-3 project:

Page Merge[edit]

Needs Ref Fix[edit]

  • General Motors EV1 -- ref 30 is a dead link to a yahoo news story without a title... fixable?
  • M29 Weasel
    • fix second reference -- refers to webpage, not to the original book that the webpage's info is from
      • duplicate that reference on the note I added to the external link on the M20 page

Ref Find[edit]

Ref Cleanup[edit]

  • Stingless bee -- references need to be put into proper templates with parameters
  • Xenoarchaeology -- I put a bunch of comments in this article that contained ref info for whitepapers; go back and add said info in w/proper markup syntax
  • Ocimum gratissimum -- all the refs are plaintext; use the cite DOI template to make them nicer
  • War crimes of the Wehrmacht
    • there are references which are repeated; condense these into single footnotes (or they need to have their text moved to the ref section and then just referenced via last name & pub date) ... also, author/year refs need to be hotlinked to full refs
      • 122, 125, 126 need titles, maybe language icons
    • fix syntax of reference 72: "War crimes against women: prosecution in international war crimes tribunals Kelly Dawn Askin page 72"
    • Human experimentation section needs formatting, citation syntax, and maybe some rewriting
    • the Biological warfare section uses 2 references which are the same (just different pages); they also need ref synax applied to them
    • turn "Der Stuermer" mention in quote into wikilink? Italicize?
  • Quora -- needs titles and dates on most of its references
  • Grief -- needs ref titles; also, names of refs that are reused should be redone, they're way too long and interfere with the readability of the marked-up text

Needs Infobox person template[edit]

  • Hanns Scharff -- has template, but needs photo; there is really only one floating around, from his biography...
  • Konrāds Kalējs -- needs bio sidebar template
  • Viktors Arājs -- needs bio sidebar template, picture too!
  • Eric Muhsfeldt -- needs bio sidebar template, picture too; pictures came up on google image search...
  • Marie Ljalková -- needs bio sidebar template, picture too; pictures came up on google image search...
  • Charles Coward -- needs bio sidebar with birth/death dates, military rank, etc.
    • find a better photo?

Broken Photo Links[edit]


Needs Editing[edit]

Needs (More)[edit]

  • SS-Ehrenring -- image is believed to be genuine; indicate as much in the picture caption, or at least on the image details page. There are some pictures available on the web of genuine rings, but needless to say, they're not CC-licensed.
  • Venera 2 -- needs spacecraft infobox and a picture
  • Riegner Telegram -- Google images comes up with some examples; I think there are a few copies at holocaust museum websites which would be appropriate
    • the telegram itself needs to be quoted better, especially on Riegner's page... transcribe it from a reliable copy
  • Gas van -- at least 2 good photos come up on a Google Image search; they're probably in the public domain or otherwise acceptable; add them!
    • : "The photos taken then are available in the Main Commission's Archives in Warsaw (signatures 47398, 47396, 47397, 47399; the best one is 47398)." (website also has photos I can put through TinEye)
  • Great Synagogue, Warsaw
    • there are several photos of the remaining pile of rubble; find one that is appropriate and meets image guidlines and add it to the article
    • add a photo of the memorial; it looks like the twisted framework of a dome, over a Star of David made out of cobblestones (or is that a memorial to a different destroyed synagogue?)
  • M7 Priest -- swap out some of the images in the article with those on on Wikimedia Commons, or make an image gallery on the article?
  • [13] CompSci related bios that lack pictures; check Flickr for CC-licensed photos? Does CC meet WP's copyright standards?
    • Dan Connolly -- Flickr user DanC [14]; searching Flickr for CC images does give results, now to pick the best one...

  • Mars 2 and Mars 3 had a "Prop-M Rover"
    • -- 3 extra pictures, a diagram, and a video from 2 possibly new sources! (probably also lots of good details)
    • Mars 3 -- someone added a two pictures; a new photo of the orbiter (which I placed to the left of the orbiter section) and a new photo of the rover, which they replcaed the old one with. Both images claim to be CC-licensed, which I doubt; they origniate from one of the sources used by the above blog post, a source which is now defunct.
      • add the orbiter photo to the Mars 2 article; add back the second picture of the rover?
  • Miura fold -- do gif animation of map fold? just show final fold, partially collapsed?

Robotic Surgery[edit]

The Rosin-Mordowicz Report[edit]

Auschwitz Protocols The Auschwitz Protocols is a collection of three reports from firsthand observers of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Vrba-Wetzler report mentions: "a four-to-seven page report from Arnost Rosin and Czesław Mordowicz, who escaped from Auschwitz on May 27, 1944)" All three reports were submitted in evidence at the Nuremberg Trials and were assigned the document number 022-L. The full text is held in the archives of the War Refugee Board at the F.D. Roosevelt Library in New York.

The Holocaust mentions: Two other Auschwitz inmates, Arnost Rosin and Czesław Mordowicz escaped on May 27, 1944, arriving in Slovakia on June 6, the day of the Normandy landing (D-Day). Hearing about Normandy, they believed the war was over and got drunk to celebrate, using dollars they'd smuggled out of the camp. They were arrested for violating currency laws, and spent eight days in prison, before the Judenrat paid their fines. The additional information they offered the Judenrat was added to Vrba and Wetzler's report and became known as the Auschwitz Protocols. They reported that, between May 15 and May 27, 1944, 100,000 Hungarian Jews had arrived at Birkenau, and had been killed at an unprecedented rate, with human fat being used to accelerate the burning. (ref 204),,1752798,00.html details their escape, the report (?) mentions: On June 15, the men were interviewed by Oscar Krasniansky, the engineer who had translated the Vrba-Wetzler report into German. They told Krasniansky that, between May 15 and May 27, 100,000 Hungarian Jews had arrived at Birkenau, and that most of them were killed on arrival, apparently with no knowledge of what was about to happen to them. Historian John Conway writes that, because Rosin and Mordowicz were saying Hungarian Jews arriving at Auschwitz still had no idea what awaited them, Vrba and Wetzler concluded that their report had been suppressed. ref 32

this is ref 32, and ref 182 on the holocaust article: Conway, John S. "The first report about Auschwitz", Museum of Tolerance, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Annual 1 Chapter 07. Retrieved September 11, 2006.

SS John Barry[edit]

  • "In 1994, the cargo of 26 million dollars in 1800 tons of silver bullion and 3 million of silver coins was salvaged." [15]
  • German submarine U-859 -- the sub that sunk her; uses the above ref for the above (generalized) info
  • [16] -- good salvage info
  • [17] -- can I use this?
  • [18] -- example of the coin
  • any usable refs in the news or from any AP / Reuters wires?


Beginning to wonder if certain "header" templates need to automatically expire after a period of several years (like the "insufficient inline citations" one)... It's not a given that they'll become untrue over time, but they often do and people don't remove them.

edit my userpage's

  • Maybe make a request that the author of the DOI-bot configure it so it can handle subst? Also, I think the |noedit parameter (i.e., don't show the "edit" link in the displayed citation) still isn't in the documentation.
    • Also, is there a way to search for orphaned DOI templates? That'd be really handy, as I should probably clean up all the DOI templates I've made but not used...
    • doesn't seem to pick up the page range properly from ScienceDirect (Elsevier?) articles -- as well as other publishers, apparently; just gives the first page. Is this consistent? Test! Mentioned before? Search!
      • example: doi = 10.1016/j.gde.2007.04.011
      • example: doi = 10.1111/j.1748-720X.2007.00137.x
      • example: doi = 10.1162/JEEA.2007.5.5.885
      • example: doi = 10.1016/j.lisr.2003.12.009
      • example: doi = 10.1021/ja00333a062 (missed end of page range)
    • PMIDs 6502123, 15080209: these only had the first word of the journal name capitalized
    • doi = 10.1002/bit.22690 -- didn't pick up volume, issue, pages, or month
    • 10.1016/S0169-5347(03)00093-4 : ScienceDirect, but really messy generation!
    • 10.1177/1746847707074703 -- incomplete page range, no ISSN
  • Whuffie: good context from here: "The Bitchun Society of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is a world where all goods are as nonscarce as information is on the net. (It’s imaginable that nanofabrication could make such a world possible — “goods” and “information” would be different states of the same thing, as “source code” and “applications” are today.) In that world, managing the glut of everything — especially people — is a matter of exploring social networks to guess at the degree to which you should treat some resource with respect and attention. [In the story,] I call this measure “Whuffie.”