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A Wise Old Owl[edit]

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

Who am I?[edit]

I am a girl, a Chinese-American, a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of America, a student, a 11th grader, a lover of books, a reader, someone who reads, a pencil-twirler, a procrastinator, a picture hoarder, a money-hoarder, a liar, a thief, a moral busy-body, a nosy blabber, a black-eyed, black-haired Asian (and proud of it!), an Honors student, an International Baccalaureate, an agnostic, an atheist, a Christian, a studier of religions, a studier of myths, a studier of legends, a maker of stories, a daydreamer, a fanfiction reader, a fanfiction writer, a Harry Potter fan, a manga otaku, a Death Note supporter, a Hikaru no Go fanatic, a Detective Conan follower, a lover of detective stories, a person who's crazy about Sherlock Holmes, a person that still can't remember what happened in the Case of the Blue Diamond, a lazy person that's too lazy to go look it up, a person that supports Arsene Lupin only secretly, a genius-wannabe, a failure, a Go player, a chess player, a person that can't get how to play backgammon, an honest person that can't lie to save face, a person with their foot in their mouth, a debater, an argumentative person, a person who hates yelling, a person that loves shouting, a swimmer, a minigolfer, a skier, a slacker, a gardener, a trier of patience, a killer of patience, a person with no patience.